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Why Is My Car Vibrating? It Could Be Driveshaft Problems!

The driveshaft of your vehicle is located between the differentials and gearbox. It rotates and helps the vehicle switch gears, specifically from idle to drive. Without this component, your vehicle would remain stationary and never move an inch. Just like any other part of your vehicle, the driveshaft can deteriorate over time and cause problems.   

Signs of Driveshaft Problems

One of the most common signs of a driveshaft problem is vibrations within the car. A damaged driveshaft can cause parts of the vehicle, or the entire vehicle itself, to vibrate and shake. It often becomes worse at higher speeds. If the shaking occurs during acceleration, it is likely caused by a bad tire, but if it happens when the vehicle is moving at a steady speed or not moving at all, you should have the driveshaft inspected. A low squeaking sound, especially one that becomes more intense with acceleration, may signal problems with the driveshaft. It is normally caused by a damaged U-joint, which is a part that is connected to the driveshaft. The same U-joint that can cause strange noises might also move too much or fail to rotate. The U-joint should be inspected – if it is unstable, it could affect the driveshaft, or a problem with the driveshaft could be affecting the U-joint. The driveshaft can also keep your tires from turning properly if it is damaged. The wheels may hesitate during turning or offer resistance on sharp turns.  

Catch the Problem Early to Prevent Driveshaft Complications

If you notice any of these symptoms in your vehicle, you should have it inspected immediately. It’s possible the problem resides in another part of the vehicle, but you’ll never know if you don’t check. Driveshaft replacements can be costly and a hassle to deal with, so it’s best to avoid that scenario if at all possible. Whether your driveshaft needs repairs, replacements, or simply requires balancing, an experienced driveshaft shop can help your vehicle stay on the road. Mike’s Transmissions in San Jose, California, can diagnose and repair driveshaft problems in your vehicle. We also offer repair services for transmissions, clutches, differentials, axles, and diesel engines. Contact Mike’s Transmissions today to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.

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