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What You Need to Know Before Choosing A Transmission Shop

Finding the right transmission repair service that you can visit or refer for complete auto repairs is beneficial in many ways. Their technicians can rebuild your manual transmissions and ensure you never pay for a new transmission unless it’s necessary.

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Ways to Find A Transmission Repair

If you have Googled “transmission repair services near me” and scrolled through dozen of websites and reviews trying to find the best auto service or where to transfer cases, this article might help you. We’ll show you what to look for when selecting a transmission repair in San Jose CA so you can get value for money.

Tip 1: Find A Complete Auto Repair Shop Before You Experience Serious Transmission Issues

Waiting until your transmission breaks down to start looking for an auto repair shop that offers transmission services is a bad idea. Start by visiting local transmission shops and have your vehicle checked. Find out the level of expertise of its mechanics and pay attention to their attitude. You can tell you’re dealing with an expert transmission service by the way their shop looks and how their shop assistants and mechanics respond to your inquiries. Whether you need brake services or differential service, a top auto repair shop in the San Jose area delivers high-quality work and great customer service.


Transmission shops are prohibited from overcharging above a pre-quoted estimate unless you consent to the rise. Whether you desperately need your domestic vehicles repaired or want to do minor oil changes, it is good to request written estimates from the transmission mechanic before you give them a green light. A general estimation usually covers in-depth car diagnostics, which is time-consuming and entails removing the transmission from the vehicle. Estimates are good indicators of a shop’s reputation and can help you determine whether it’s a place you’ll like to complete your repairs or not.


A top transmission shop in San Jose CA can diagnose the problem early on and let you know what to expect in terms of total repair costs. By obtaining a fixed written estimate, you protect yourself from surprise additional costs that some unscrupulous mechanics reveal after completing repair procedures. Keep these things in mind when comparing various estimates for transmission repairs:


  • Quality of automotive parts
  • Level of mechanic’s/technician’s expertise
  • Add-on services and parts
  • Terms and provision of warranties


Cheap isn’t always the best option. Seek clarification on the above things to ensure you get high-quality repairs that outlast the warranty term from the company.

Tip 3: Ask for Referrals

It’s likely your family, colleagues, or friends, who drive, know a reputable automotive repair nearby that offers great customer service and can give solid recommendations. Talk to your friend or colleague and ask who they’d recommend for general auto repairs and transmission repair services in San Jose, CA. They can quickly direct you to a local auto service with years of experience fixing transmission problems affecting wheels and replacing the transmission fluid and auto parts.

Tip 4: Look for A Transmission Repair Service With Skilled Mechanics and Association Membership

While there’s no legal certification or requirement for a person to work as a mechanic, considering someone who’s taken time to upskill their expertise is a smart move and one way to find real professionals. A local mechanic with verifiable certifications is your safest bet for used transmission and general auto repair. Such a person will do a good job at a reasonable price because they want to offer the best services to car owners like you.


Find out what certification your mechanic has. The top mechanics usually have ASE National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence certification. If the certificate isn’t on display to customers, ask for the ASE Blue Seal of Automotive Excellence. Don’t hesitate to also ask if they have an ASE Certified Transmission Repair Mechanics certification.

Another notable association is the ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association), which assesses transmission specialists and verifies that its members adhere to a professional code of conduct. Obtaining their certification is quite a task and mechanics have to pass special tests in transmission repairs and maintenance. The benefit of working with a member of ATRA is they offer nationwide warranties for repairs.

Tip 5: Look for the Promos & Discounts

From time to time, some of the top transmission repairs and service shops in San Jose CA offer seasonal discounts and promos to attract new customers. You can save up to 20% on your next transmission service. So, Be on the lookout for offers on their websites and local dailies. Some automotive repair shops provide senior citizens and veterans with special discounts, which makes transmission services affordable to them. You may be lucky to have an inspection, diagnostic checks, test drive for free. It all depends on the shop’s customer service policy.

Tip 6: Check Auto Repair Shops Reviews, Testimonials, and Their Industry Experience

Who you hire to repair your manual transmissions or do oil changes is just as important as their reviews and the years they’ve been in the industry. A bit of research can reveal who’s trustworthy for your cars or truck transmission repairs. While there are many places to check what customers say, the only way to find customer honest reviews is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Customers usually share complaints and how they were addressed. Along with BBB reviews, you can check Facebook, Google Reviews, Yelp, and Repair Pal. You can get a good picture of what customers think about an auto repair shop in San Jose, CA, specifically customer service and their workings as well as business practices.


Stay away from a business that has too many negative reviews. Lots of positive reviews and a few negatives are a good sign and an indication that the shop does a good job in San Jose CA. Work with a transmission repair business with a good track record, positive reviews, and all-inclusive quote for parts and labor expense as well as towing service, in case it doesn’t appear in the warranty.

Tip 7: Check for Neatness, Equipment Quality, and Professionalism At Auto Repair Shops

You may have overlooked how the shop or garage looks before. But it’s crucial to check their organization and tidiness. A tidy and presentable shop is a sign that the owners care for their image, and are likely to provide exceptional automotive and transmission services to their customers. Superior equipment and parts cost an arm and leg.

A company that uses cutting-edge equipment is likely to perform comprehensive diagnostic checks and provide lasting repairs. Advanced diagnostic tools and repair equipment reduces the chance of the wrong diagnosis, and this saves you time and money. 

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You can confidently transfer a case and rest easy knowing they’ll fix your long-standing transmission issues. Knowledgeable and skilled mechanics are confident of their abilities and not condescending to customers. They can diagnose a range of transmission problems, determine your car’s condition, and recommend the best fix depending on the symptoms they uncover. You’ll get a good service at fair prices too.

Are You Looking for Transmission Repair Services? Contact Mike Transmission Repair Shop in San Jose CA

When you bring your four-wheel drive vehicles with front engines to Mike Auto Transmission, you’ll get high-quality service and save money on the next repairs. We are a family-owned and locally-operated business with years of experience rebuilding transmissions and performing clutch replacements.  Like autotrend diagnostics, our roots are firmly in San Jose, a place we’ve come to love and call home. Check out the customer honest reviews on our website and Google.

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You can transfer cases from your dealership in Santa Clara to our auto repair shop, and our able mechanics will fix your automatic or manual transmissions. From making oil changes to replacing use transmission, we guarantee you fast service at a fair price. Call (408) 629-4205 to schedule your next repair.

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