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Typical Problem With Diesl Engines

Even stay-at-home parents and daily commuters are finding diesel vehicles make for better investments. This is because they have become known for their reliability and potential cost savings when it comes to fuel. However, just because it has a diesel engine, does not mean problems cannot occur.

Typical Diesel Engine Issues

There are several known problems with diesel engines. Knowing how to identify them can help keep a minor diesel engine repair from becoming much more expensive. Dirty fuel filters are one of the most common issues with a diesel engine. Fuel filters do just that: they filter your fuel. This helps protect your engine from contaminants that may damage it. However, as these contaminants build up on your filters, they can prevent fuel from being able to filter through to the engine. While this problem starts slow, if left to continue building up, clogged fuel filters can eventually destroy your injectors and even your diesel engine itself. (A dirty fuel tank can do the same!) Corrosion is another area of concern. There are several areas that may become corroded when it comes to a diesel vehicle. The exhaust, electrical components in your diesel engine, and fuel nozzles and needles are all potential sources of corrosion that can lead to more severe damages if left alone. Oil leaks, black or white smoke, and other such problems are also signs of an issue. From improperly burning fuel or other issues, these should be checked out as soon as possible to minimize damages and the cost to fix them.

Proactive Maintenance

Regular maintenance is one of the most important proactive steps any vehicle owner can take. Taking your vehicle to an experienced diesel engine repair technician, like those at Mike’s Transmissions, can help to catch small issues before they become expensive problems. Additionally, monitoring your fluids, like your coolant, oil levels, and fuel consumption can help you determine if your vehicle needs to be taken to a mechanic sooner.

Mike’s Transmissions Has Your Back

At, Mike’s Transmissions in San Jose, CA, we understand every aspect of a diesel engine. From our diagnostic tools to implementing a repair, the diesel technicians at Mike’s Transmissions can help keep your vehicle on the road. Contact Mike’s Transmissions today to learn more about all of our services, including diesel engine repair and maintenance.

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