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How Do You Know When You Need Transmission Repair?

Getting car transmission repair services around San Jose is one of the most stressful tasks for any truck or vehicle owner. This applies to both private and business vehicle owners. Getting both certified and experienced automotive dealers for transmission service even on request is not easy. At a fair price, however, Mikes Transmissions offer quality service and help in maintenance of your vehicles. Other services include sale of automotive parts with warranty for all vehicles, both manual and automatic drive vehicles. Each spare part has warranty depending on the dealer agreements and value of the spare. More expensive parts have a higher warranty. Our suppliers have genuine automotive parts, with honest deals you can trust. Buy an original part for any replacement. We also do installation of google maps for your vehicle, using 2021 google map data to enable you access any location in San Jose, saving you hours of location search. The data map will give you unmatched customer experience, both from private and business perspective. Contact or visit us at San Jose CA 951230 or visit our website for details.

Get to know about the signs or symptoms that will tell you that you need transmission repair.

Watch out for warning signs before you take your car to any auto repair shop for transmission repair services. Automotive transmission problems can affect the gamut, consequently raising auto repair service prices. Sometimes it requires a simple replacement of oil, but you may end up spending more than $ 5000 for reconstruction if you take your vehicle for auto repair at late stages. We advise that you see our automotive mechanics to review your vehicle and check any building up auto problems. Do not walk to any auto repair shop around San Jose. Come to Mikes Transmissions auto shop, the certified San Jose auto repair expert.

To be honest, detecting transmission problems early for minor transmission repair services is economical compared to major auto repair in the event of damages. Minor auto repair services involve replacement of defective solenoids, replacing parts and others while major transmission repair services demand disassembling, inspecting, cleaning parts, among other services.

Major transmission problems do not just occur since they give sufficient warning which each customer confesses to have ignored at some point. These include:

Weird Smells: this is a common road trip scenario. However, when the smell comes from your engine, it needs attention. It may result from transmission fluid running low or degrading, overheating and eventually burning, making the engine hot, with early wear and tear. Get it checked out to be sure.

Strange Sounds: Unfamiliar sounds like clunking when changing gears indicates a transmission issue. See a mechanic or automotive expert for transmission service.

Noisiness: engine noise is common when the car is in neutral. A mechanic should check out excess noise to assess a transmission problem. It may need just an update of oil level or see if wrong oil was used. Bearings or gear teeth may also require replacement.

Engine Light: Red or blinking engine lights are usually an alert because sensors around the vehicle can trip the warning system, setting off even a simple loose gas cap.

No Response: a proper functioning transmission switches gear swiftly. Any delay or failure is a course for concern and transmission service may be necessary.

Fluid Leak: about six fluids run your vehicle to help in lubrication, cooling, steering, braking, and clear windshield. Have them checked regularly for efficient performance of your car.

Transmission repair San Jose CA

Operating from our auto transmission repair shop in San Jose, Mikes Transmissions is the best, certified automatic transmission, or standard transmission service dealer for vehicles repair. We do auto repair and service your car or truck on demand. Our offices are on 463 Blossom Hill Rd # K, San Jose CA 951230. You can contact us on email directly from our website drop a phone call. Our shop hours are 8am-5pm on weekdays and Saturday 9am-2pm on appointment. Our job is delivering yours and your good customer experience is our pleasure.

Our services include Driveshaft Repairs, manual and automatic transmission repairs, clutch repairs, four wheel drive transfer case repairs, transmission flush services, and differential auto repair. The services are available all-around San Jose and Santa Clara. For Mikes Transmission to be the leading family owned and operated transmission repair services center that it is in San Jose today, we spent years going extra miles to win customer trust. Our auto repair shop in San Jose CA 951230 has certified auto mechanics and automotive engineers, specialized in repair and replacement of the all automotive parts in the auto business sector.

We do maintenance of manual and automatic transmission repair services, with all cars and other vehicle models considered. Efficient automatic transmission is important for your car’s normal functionality. An efficient automatic transmission system transfers energy perfectly to all engine parts, enhancing safe driving. Mikes Transmissions repair in San Jose CA, is here to address your vehicle safety needs and assure excellent performance on the road.

Jerking when shifting gears, slipping out of gear, unnecessarily shifting gears, grinding between gear changes, unusual whining or buzzing noises, leaking transmission oil and a burning odor coming from your vehicle while driving should lead you to Mikes Transmission for transmission servicing. It is time for service.

No certified automotive business dealer in San Jose CA, or Santa Clara understand manual transmission clutch like Mikes Transmissions. We offer this at a fair price. Manual transmissions are rare in the market. Getting transmission service for a manual transmission clutch will be harder with time. With us, there is no cause for alarm with future maintenance cost for your vehicles. Count on us for your clutch problems. Our team can diagnose and competently handle repair of any auto and clutch problem.

4 × 4 wheel drive transfer case repairs for truck and other vehicles is another automotive service that we offer. The transfer case transfers power from transmission to rear axles. Without this, transmission cannot transmit torque thus no rotation and consequently driving is impossible. The transfer case is thus crucial for normal performance of you 4 × 4 truck and motion and must be well taken care of. We have dependable customer service in San Jose CA for auto repair. Visit our auto shop for auto repair services and you will probably understand why our customers stay loyal after first time visit.

We also do differential auto repair maintenance of parts. Do it right the first time with us. We do differential repair for your two and four wheel drive car, truck and other vehicles.

We have over 3 decades of business experience. We are well-known for repair in San Jose CA, and our exceptional auto repair and servicing of vehicle transmissions in the region since 1988. Given exceptional service, our customers have been the loyal and send referrals, forming more than half our clientele. We have built a stable as a trustworthy family owned and operated business. We have maintained our values to harness a welcoming family friendly auto repair shop in San Jose CA, spreading our fame across San Jose and Santa Clara.

While serving our customers, we do our job fast to minimize waiting time so you can get on with your schedule as usual. We also sell quality and firsthand parts to ensure high quality and reliability to customer experience. We also privilege our customers to enjoy free towing services.

We also do clutch repairs, something that most of our competitors cannot handle. We repair axle to ensure sustainable power, balanced wheel movement and good performance while on the move. We do replacement where necessary and enhance differential repair and 4 x 4 transfer case replacements.

Let Mike Transmissions be your San Jose CA, one-stop transmission shop for all your transmission repair services and transmission replacement. Contact us today for more queries and help will be availed.

How much does it usually cost to fix a transmission?

Note that repairing a transmission is much cheaper than replacement and rebuilding the same. The price for repair of auto transmission ranges between $ 300 to $1,400 depending on whether you need a new clutch or just servicing the existing one.

Replacements, however, cost between $ 1,800 and $ 3,400, depending on the transmission shop you visit and the technicians available.

How much does AAMCO charge to rebuild a transmission?

The price for transmission depends on the mechanics or the repair shop you visit. However, AAMCO generally charges between $ 2,800 and $ 3,800 for transmission service.

Why is transmission repair so expensive?

Transmission repair services and transmission replacement are by and large expensive. Few drivers understand how a transmission and even other parts in their vehicle work. Many are unable to figure out when they have a problem. Also, drivers generally do not care if they feel their car is working within their expectation. They will thus visit a specialist when it is already too late, and replacements, rather than repairs, have to be done.

In addition to the complexity and number of parts a specialist must deal with, the time spent on auto repair and replacement is quite a lot costly. For modern automatic transmission, computer systems are commonly used to identify areas of repair and replacement. This requires highly skilled labor which means you have to pay more because of the automotive complexity.

Is it worth fixing a transmission?

Fixing transmission problems has numerous benefits. It helps reduce unnecessary engine oil and other checks and transmission overdrive. Good transmission eliminates leakages of oil, maintaining drive wheel control, with usage gears in order. Shifting from one gear to another with be easy and instant. Faulty gears may easily lead to accidents, posing danger to your and other road users.

Good transmission boosts performance of your truck and other vehicles, ensuring your car is in good condition for your safety and those around. Our word may not be enough, but have you read each review by satisfied customers? Call us and add to our list of happy clients. Welcome to Mikes Transmissions and say goodbye to your transmission problems.

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