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Transmission Flush Services

Here’s a question for you: when’s the last time your car had transmission flush services? If you answered, “Never,” you may want to think about changing that, or you could find yourself on the business end of serious, costly and time-consuming transmission repairs and even replacement at some point in your vehicle’s lifetime. Contrary to popular belief, a transmission flush isn’t the same thing as a transmission fluid change. Much more goes into a transmission flush than a typical transmission servicing, and manufacturers recommend that you do a transmission flush service on your vehicle once every 2 years or 30,000 miles in order to keep it in top form. While a transmission fluid change entails the technician simply draining and replacing the transmission fluid that keeps the inner workings lubricated and cools down the transmission while cleaning away debris and particles, a transmission flush is a bit more extreme: your technician will not only drain the transmission fluid but also thoroughly flush it out by running a cleaning solution through it to ensure that it is completely clean and free of contaminants before replacing it with new transmission fluid. This can help keep your vehicle running free of transmission issues throughout its life span, as well as maintain smooth shifting, keep gears from slipping, and allow for ease of movement and maximum operability throughout the course of its lifetime. While transmission flushes are not necessarily a part of scheduled routine maintenance set forth by most auto manufacturers, most car experts can agree on the importance of regular transmission flushes to maintain the health and driveability of your vehicle. Mike’s Transmissions in San Jose, CA has over 27 years of experience in providing quick and affordable transmission flush services to virtually every available make and model of car or light truck. Whether you drive a manual or an automatic, your car’s transmission is what makes it able to drive, and deserves only the best in care and consideration in order to last for as long as possible. If your car is experiencing any transmission-related issues including surging, delays in movement, trouble shifting, or slipping gears, or you simply think it may be time for a transmission flush, call the pros at Mike’s Transmission today for the ultimate in customer service and expert transmission maintenance and repair. We are standing by for your call- 408-629-4205.

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transmission fluid services

Transmission Flush Services in San Jose, CA

Need A Transmission Flush in San Jose, CA? Mike's Transmission Has Got Your Back!

Transmission Flush Services

Take care of your transmission, and it will take care of you! Mike’s Transmissions is your go-to provider for transmission flush services in San Jose, CA. With our specialized experience and enhanced skill set, our certified technicians can help you maintain your transmission system for years to come. 

Why Is A Transmission Flush Necessary?

The transmission system and components like the transmission filter, and transmission pan, are responsible for transferring the right amount of power to your wheels to adjust your vehicle’s speed. 

Transmission Flush Services

When a clean new transmission fluid lubricates the system, it gets complete support for its cooling, conditioning, and rust prevention needs. It also adds to the performance of associated seals and gaskets.

Why Is Transmission Flush Services Important?

Whether manual or automatic, your car’s transmission needs transmission fluid. This fluid lubricates the transmission’s inner workings while cooling it and keeping it clean from debris.


The transmission fluid must be flushed and changed periodically to maintain its consistency and effectiveness. Failure to do so will cause it to stop performing efficiently, putting your transmission at risk for breakdown.


It’s as simple as that! Your certified service technician will drain the old transmission fluid, dispose of it safely and responsibly, replace it with fresh, high-performance fluid, and change the filter.


If you have questions about your torque converter, costly transmission repairs, transmission fluid exchange, internal components, and in essence, transmission fluid change or transmission flushes, help to ensure that everything is up to par.

Mike's Transmissions is Here to Help You With Your Needs

With nearly 35 years of experience in delivering high-quality transmission solutions, Mike’s Transmissions has become one of the primary providers of transmission flush services in San Jose, CA. Whether you require urgent help with the process or need to schedule the procedure at your convenience, our experts are right here to assist you with your requirements.


With our quick yet efficacious solutions, Mike’s Transmissions has become San Jose’s choice for transmission flush services that maintain the health of your vehicle and stop problems before they start.

How to Tell If You Need Transmission Flush Services?

The transmission fluid must be flushed and changed periodically to maintain its consistency and effectiveness. Failure to do so will cause it to stop performing efficiently, putting your transmission at risk for breakdown. 


Transmission fluid should be changed every 30,000-50,000 miles as a general rule of thumb. Manufacturer guidelines may put this limit at a higher figure. But the actual requirement to change your transmission fluid depends upon your usage. 


As a result, you need regular checkups and inspections by an expert technician. By assessing the state of your transmission system, these professionals can determine if a transmission flush is necessary for your vehicle.

Benefit From the Enhanced Skill Sets of Transmission Specialists

Unlike other automotive service centers in San Jose, CA, Mike’s Transmissions specializes in transmission service and repair. To deliver the quality of services that our clients consistently expect from us, we make it our business to know the ins and outs of all kinds of transmissions on the market. 


Our certified technicians are equipped to assess and diagnose transmission problems during your routine maintenance appointment. That helps you maintain your vehicle in optimal condition while also saving you valuable time and money in the long run.  


At Mike’s Transmissions, we know our stuff, foreign or domestic, manual or automatic. By leveraging our experience, knowledge, and skills, we get the job done right the first time, guaranteed. Among other activities, this also holds for performing a transmission flush in San Jose, CA.


When it comes to transmission service and repair, our experienced service technicians are not only at the top of their game but also remain committed to giving our clients the top quality customer service they deserve.


Everyone who comes through the door for transmission service and repair is treated like a friend at Mike’s Transmissions


We Perform the Transmission Flush Process With the Utmost Responsibility

At Mike’s Transmissions, we completely understand your expectations for quality and your need for safety. Keeping this in mind, we keep you posted every step of the way about the work involved in every transmission job. 


We will conduct these activities.

  • Our certified service technician drains the old transmission fluid. 

  • We dispose of the old transmission fluid safely and responsibly. 

  • We replace it with fresh, high-performance transmission fluid. 

  • We finish off the process by changing the filter.


Contact Mike's Transmissions for Your Transmission Flush Requirements Today

By harboring valuable relationships with customers all around San Jose and surrounding areas, we understand and value the importance of giving our customers the respect, courtesy, and top-notch service they need.


As a result, you and your car will be treated with the importance you deserve. 


In case your vehicle is due for transmission flush services in San Jose, CA or if you have any other concerns about your transmission’s health, book a service appointment with certified and experienced technicians who know their transmissions. 


Call Mike’s Transmissions at (408) 629-4205 to schedule your appointment today.


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