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Here’s a question for you: when’s the last time your car had transmission flush services? If you answered, “Never,” you may want to think about changing that, or you could find yourself on the business end of serious, costly and time-consuming transmission repairs and even replacement at some point in your vehicle’s lifetime.

Contrary to popular belief, a transmission flush isn’t the same thing as a transmission fluid change. Much more goes into a transmission flush than a typical transmission servicing, and manufacturers recommend that you do a transmission flush service on your vehicle once every 2 years or 30,000 miles in order to keep it in top form. While a transmission fluid change entails the technician simply draining and replacing the transmission fluid that keeps the inner workings lubricated and cools down the transmission while cleaning away debris and particles, a transmission flush is a bit more extreme: your technician will not only drain the transmission fluid but also thoroughly flush it out by running a cleaning solution through it to ensure that it is completely clean and free of contaminants before replacing it with new transmission fluid. This can help keep your vehicle running free of transmission issues throughout its life span, as well as maintain smooth shifting, keep gears from slipping, and allow for ease of movement and maximum operability throughout the course of its lifetime.

While transmission flushes are not necessarily a part of scheduled routine maintenance set forth by most auto manufacturers, most car experts can agree on the importance of regular transmission flushes to maintain the health and driveability of your vehicle. Mike’s Transmissions in San Jose, CA has over 27 years of experience in providing quick and affordable transmission flush services to virtually every available make and model of car or light truck. Whether you drive a manual or an automatic, your car’s transmission is what makes it able to drive, and deserves only the best in care and consideration in order to last for as long as possible. If your car is experiencing any transmission-related issues including surging, delays in movement, trouble shifting, or slipping gears, or you simply think it may be time for a transmission flush, call the pros at Mike’s Transmission today for the ultimate in customer service and expert transmission maintenance and repair. We are standing by for your call- 408-629-4205.

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