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The Importance Of Transmission Maintenance in San Jose, CA

Owning and operating a motor vehicle of any kind is a special privilege, and the car needs to be taken care of properly to continue running as expected.

A vehicle has many components that often need maintenance or auto repair, from getting a regular oil change to rotating your tires. One of the most critical parts of any vehicle is the transmission.

Whether you have automatic transmissions or manual, this system is essential for the vehicle’s operation. Essentially, the transmission is how energy is transferred from the engine to other parts of the car which make it move, including the drivetrain.

automatic transmissions and transmission fluid

At Mike’s Transmissions in San Jose, CA, your car’s transmission will be inspected, maintained, and repaired by a certified transmission repair specialist.


Our team has advanced training, knowledge, and equipment to ensure that your automatic or manual transmission continues to run properly for many years.


We can service many cars and provide expert transmission repair or maintenance whenever needed. Call today to book an appointment at our automatic transmission maintenance shop.

Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Transmissions?

There are several important reasons that you need to make sure you bring your car into transmission maintenance shops for regular transmission service.


We already discussed the transmission function in your car (providing the rest of the vehicle with energy from the engine. Keeping the system in tip-top shape will enable the transmission to continue working as expected.


Another critical importance of transmission maintenance is to prevent overheating. Transmission fluid keeps the rest of the system cool and lubricated.

automatic transmission fluid

Without this cooling system, your vehicle will overheat, and the consequences of that could be severe due to extreme wear and stress. A vital step in the transmission maintenance process is to check the transmission fluid level.


Your car will get a transmission fluid change during our transmission maintenance, so you will not have to worry about a lack of transmission fluid pumping through the system.


You can check your car’s owner’s manual to ensure that you are using the right maintenance schedule, or you can contact Mike’s Transmissions to schedule your transmission service.

Common Transmission Issues

When you have your transmission fluid and other aspects of the system regularly inspected and maintained, you will be working to avoid some very common transmission issues that our team at Mike’s Transmissions checks on a daily basis. These include:

  • Transmission popping or slipping out of gear

  • Terrible burning odor

  • Transmission fluid leaks

  • Stalling in the middle of traffic

  • Loud, bumping noises while in neutral

  • Check Engine light comes on

  • Grinding gear shifts

  • Whining or humming sounds that will not go away

  • Dragging clutch


These issues can lead to serious problems throughout your car’s systems, so it is important to have transmission service performed by a trained professional as soon as possible.


Transmission maintenance, including changing the transmission fluid and filter, is your best option to avoid these issues altogether. Contact Mike’s Transmissions for the best auto repair in San Jose, CA.

Prevent Transmission Failure by Checking the Transmission Fluid and Other Components

Most car owners are well-aware that transmission issues can be very costly. If the transmission needs severe repairs or you have to replace the system, it can be a pretty high expense.

Our transmission shop in San Jose, CA, is committed to helping you avoid these high costs by providing exceptional transmission service on time.

The Importance of Transmission Maintenance 2

By giving your car new fluid (and the correct fluid for your transmission) and inspecting the other components, such as the transmission pan, our technicians at Mike’s Transmissions will be working to prevent transmission failure, and serious damage to the vehicle, and a major hit to your wallet.


At Mike’s Transmissions, we believe that transmission maintenance is an essential service to be provided to customers will all types of vehicles. 


Call us today to schedule your transmission maintenance or expert transmission repair appointment with one of our highly trained technicians.

We are happy to service all makes and models, so you will find the professional services you need all in one shop.

Contact Our Transmission Repair and Maintenance Experts in San Jose, California

If you are the vehicle owner and your owner’s manual indicates that your vehicle needs transmission maintenance, contact Mike’s Transmissions.


Our team is highly qualified and trained to offer a variety of essential services to the residents and businesses of San Jose, CA. We will check your transmission thoroughly and make sure that it is in top-running condition.


Mike’s Transmissions has been an important business in the San Jose, CA, area for over 33 years, and we have even been in the same location since 1988!


In addition to maintenance and routine service, our service center can provide transmission repairs, including repairs to the driveshaft and axles. We are trustworthy, honest, and reliable, so many of our customers keep coming back to us for their transmission maintenance needs.


Our team is well-aware that most residents rely on their vehicles to take them where they need to go, so we work diligently to get your needed service done quickly and effectively.


We will never sacrifice quality, though! If you are unsure of what is wrong with your car but you know something is not right, bring it in, and we will perform troubleshooting at no cost to you.


Our goal at Mike’s Transmissions is to get you back on the road as soon as possible with a reliable vehicle. We exceed OEM specifications but still keep our prices competitive.


Call today to schedule your transmission maintenance appointment!

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