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Mike is exceptionally knowledgeable in diagnosing problems and explaining them to his customers. He wanted to find out how I use my truck in order to determine what would be the best transmission configuration. He explained the benefit vs. costs of upgrading the system.

My transmission experienced shifting issues after Mike repaired it. Mike invested a great deal of time and effort to locate the problem and repair it.

I highly recommend Mike’s Transmissions to those who want premium service.

Scotty S. Santa Clara CA

I just bought a 96 Jeep Cherokee Country 2WD 6 cyl. automatic, with 164000 mile on it, and wanted to get the transmission, and rear differential checked out with a new pan gasket, filter, and fresh fluid in both. Went to Yelp, checked out some reviews for tranny shops, and decided to call a couple. After a couple of conversations with tranny shops I settled on Mikes Transmission. Let me begin by saying this guy is honest, competent, and capable. NO BAIT and SWITCH, he quoted me a price outlined what work would be performed, and if there was anything extra he would call first, and he was true to his word. My vehicle did need something extra, he called, and l authorized the work to avoid having to pay more later to avoid other potential repairs. It’s a family run business, been in business 23 years, and they perform like a pro’s offering honest quality work. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

George C. San Jose CA

This is a nice and homely auto shop. Mike and his wife are honest and they did a nice job on getting the problems with my car diagnosed and corrected. Their prices are reasonable — Definitely recommended.

Mark M. Campbell CA

I called Mike with transmission problems when I was visiting the area from San Francisco. I had just had my transmission rebuilt and it seemed like my driveline shaft was coming apart. Mike was great! He offered to take a look at the problem for me and gave me detailed directions to his shop. I called him on the way to say that I was only going about 5 miles an hour because the noise was so bad. He encouraged me to be towed to his shop rather than chance it by driving there. He helped me a lot by saying that my transmission shop was responsible for the problem and I shouldn’t have to pay for the repair. I ended up getting towed to SF by my transmission shop and they fixed the problem under warranty. Thanks Mike for helping me out!

Pam L. San Francisco CA

It’s great to find an honest and reliable mechanic. My GMC van was making a clunking noise when it shifted. I took it to Mike and he figured out the problem and the cost was very reasonable. He gave me a lot of info on the problem and called before doing the repair. I would recommend him highly.

Albert L. San Jose CA

Our 2002 Mercury Mountaineer transmission failed and we discovered Mike via Yelp recommendations. Mike was a great find. He is personable, honest, reasonably priced and a great technician. He rebuilt our transmission using the best kits available and explained the history of problems with this model year. The transmission is now much better than the original, runs very smoothly and we get at least 2 more mile per gallon, as Mike predicted.
We highly recommend Mike’s Transmission service. He is a quality guy who takes pride in his work and customer service.

Charles San Jose CA

I brought my 2002 PT Cruiser over to Mikes Transmission and he did an amazing job. The price was very good, he explained to me everything that was wrong with the transmission, why it was like that, and what would happen if I didn’t get it fixed. He made sure I knew exactly what he was doing and called to check up if there was any other work that was needed to be done. He was extremely polite and wasn’t one of those people that try to get you in the shop and out as quickly as possible, he didn’t mind having a conversation. I would most definitely recommend that everyone good there, five stars out of five.

Mu T. San Jose CA

We take all of our cars to Mike’s Transmission and send friends and family too. He is honest and fair and knowledgeable.

Christine H. San Jose CA

Mikes Transmissions is AWESOME!!!! Mike certainley knows his stuff, very kind and very knowledgeable. He explained everything so that I could understand what was going on and took great care of my car. He also has the cleanest shop I’ve ever been in. It was the best car repair experience that I’ve ever had and I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone. What a great experience. Thanks MIKE!!!!!

Trisha T. San Jose CA

Took my car into Mike’s transmissions and they did a free diagnostic check to see if anything wrong with the transmission. Nothing was and he recommend that I take my car to have the alignment checked. Very professional and knowledgeable about my car and very friendly. Would recommend you to take your car here if you have any transmission issues.

Michael B. San Jose CA

I found Mike’s on Yelp. Based on the good reviews, I decided to give it a shot.
I had blown my transmissions 2nd and 3rd gears and hobbled my car over to the shop on 1st gear. Good thing they were close!
After talking to Mike about my Yukon, I was very impressed with his confidence and knowledge. He pretty much knew what the problem was right away and gave me best and worse case scenario and prices. Turns out that it was as bad as we thought and I agreed to have them work on it.
I was so impressed with the communication and the quickness and efficiency with which the work was completed. When I went back to pick up my Yukon, Mike explained the work that was done and their shops warranty (which is very generous) very thoroughly but in a way that was easily understood.
It’s been a couple weeks and about time for my 15 day recheck and I am so pleased with how the work turned out! It’s like driving a new car.

I’ll be bringing all my future business here and recommending this shop to everyone I know!

Christina K. San Jose CA