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Professional Axle Repair in San Jose, CA

Besides the engine, transmission, and wheels, a car axle determines whether the car moves or not. Car axles can be found between the front and the back wheels. The rotating action of the axles powers the wheels, moving the car forward or in reverse.

Car axles need regular maintenance and services. As the axles move a lot, some components need replacement and servicing. Are you experiencing problems with your car axles? Get in touch with us for professional inspection and repair today!

How Do I Know a Broken Axle?

Car axles play an important role in the movement of a car. They transfer power from the engine and transmission to the wheels. Broken axle repair costs vary depending on the car, axle, and components in question.

Common signs to look out for in a bent or broken axle include:

  • Vibrations when driving your car or on the steering wheel

  • Grease leaking around vehicle tires

  • Noises during vehicle turn

  • vehicle doesn’t move forward or backward

  • poor acceleration and braking

  • Misalignment, poor tire life, or sluggish steering.

  • Clunking noises

What Causes a Broken Axle?

Car axles vary based on the type of vehicle you have. What is standard across all axle repairs is the axle repair cost, repairing a broken or bent axle is not cheap.

What causes a broken or bent axle? The following are some of the most common causes of axle problems in a vehicle’s axles.

  • Serious accidents can cause severely bent axles

  • Rust and metal stress in older or high-mileage vehicles

  • Driving conditions such as off-roading, pot-holes, or bumps that strain the axles

  • Exceeding the maximum passenger or cargo load capacity of the vehicle

Have you been out on some rough terrain lately? Have you had an accident that’s affected your axle? Get in touch with Mike’s Transmission for some high-quality front axle and rear axle repair costs worth your money. Give us a call at (408) 629 4205 to book an inspection today!

High Quality Axle Repair Services in San Jose, CA

High Quality Axle Repair Services in San Jose, CA

Is your car a front-wheel drive? A bad front axle makes driving your vehicle almost impossible. A bad axle affects your cornering and steering and can cause serious accidents in extreme cases. Additionally, if your vehicle is a front-wheel drive, you tend to lose control of your vehicle and power with broken or slightly bent axles.

At Mike’s Transmissions, we leverage years of experience fixing many axles to identify and repair problems with your vehicle’s axles quickly. Get in touch with us for a thorough inspection and front axle repair. Book an appointment today!

Rear Axle Repair Services

Whether you have a rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive car, the rear axle usually takes a bigger share of the load when driving. For most cars, a live axle at the back includes a rear axle shaft and a differential that powers your car’s back wheels.

At Mike’s Transmissions, we inspect the rear wheels, axle, and differential to get to the root of your broken or bent axle. Our technicians replace all the bad components with high-quality original ones to give you peace of mind while driving. Call us at (408) 629 4205 for car axle replacement by a team of experienced technicians today!

Other Axle Repair Services

Car axles have components that are constantly in motion to move your vehicle forward. Attached to the front and rear axles are other parts, such as cv joints and wheel hubs, among others.

Damage to your axles can also damage hubs, independent suspension components, differential inner components, or CV boot, among other moving components, due to an auto accident or a deep pothole. Damage to most axles leads to costly repairs or higher labor costs. However, routine repairs promptly from Mike’s Transmissions can save you money, your car a smoother ride, and get rid of rough turning.

Visit Mike's Transmission for Expert Axle Repair in San Jose, CA

Timely and proper axle repairs is crucial for your car’s health. At Mike’s Transmissions, we leverage more than 30 years of experience with transmission repairs and other auto repairs to give maximum customer satisfaction. Don’t believe us? Check out our testimonials from happy clients! Visit us in San Jose, CA, for all your axle and transmission repairs and experience world-class service. Call Mike’s Transmissions to book an appointment, and we’ll get your vehicle back on the road before you know it!