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Axle Repair

Your vehicle’s axles are quite literally the driving force behind its entire operability. The front and rear axles of your car work to provide power to the wheels, rotating them so they can drive forward. Because the axles are a moving part, it is especially important to make sure they are well-maintained with regular axle service and preventative axle repair. Mike’s Transmissions is here to help you with all of your axle repair services to keep your car driving as it should for years to come.
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Front Axle Repair Services

On front-wheel drive vehicles, the front axle bears the brunt of the everyday wear and tear that is accumulated simply by driving your car. Front axle repairs consist of preventing the moving components of the axle from wearing down at the point where it connects to the transmission. This is crucial to the overall driveability of the car- a weakened, worn-down connector can limit or even prevent the proper amount of power from the transmission to the axle, allowing it to rotate as it needs to for your car’s wheels to turn correctly. Mike’s Transmissions will provide you with a thorough front axle inspection, taking care to repair or replace any components with excess wear so that your axle can do its job efficiently.  

Rear Axle Repair Services

The importance of regular inspections of your car’s rear axle lies within its moving parts inside the differential, or the part that transmits power from the transmission to the front and rear axles. Your service technician will take care to examine the differential and all the parts inside to make sure none have worn down excessively, and to replace the ones that have. This way you can rest assured that your rear axle and the wheels connected to it have the power they need to do what they need to do.   Check out some testimonials from our happy customers!   Mike’s Transmissions has nearly 30 years’ experience with transmissions and all related car components, and it shows! Clients in and around San Jose, CA trust their cars with Mike’s Transmissions for all their axle service and repair needs. Is it time to schedule your car for a front and rear axle inspection? Call Mike’s Transmissions at 408-629-4205 today to make an appointment for your axle repair services, and we’ll take it from there!