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Preparing Your Car & Transmission for Summer

Be proactive in your car care during the summer months by preparing your car and transmission. With a few simple steps, you can be sure your car will survive the heat and you won’t get any nasty surprises on the road. After 30 years in San Jose, Mike’s Transmissions has seen just about everything, and we can make sure you’ll be enjoying your whole summer vacation.  

Summer Activities can Affect your Transmission

We learned in grade school that “Heat expands things and cold contracts them.” In California, very hot days and very cool nights cause a lot of expansion and contraction. This can strain the connections in your cooling system and cause leaks. Leaks mean low fluid and low fluid means disaster. California, once known as the Land of the Golden Mountain, actually has lots of mountains. If you drive at high speeds up and down with sudden stops, you’re making your transmission work harder, which means added wear and tear. Automatics are more susceptible because you have less control, but a manual transmission needs its share of attention, too. If you have a boat, travel trailer, off-highway vehicles or just a bunch of friends and their luggage, you’ve added weight and work for your transmission.  

Protecting Your Car from Summer Heat

Get your manual or automatic transmission serviced now before your trip out; catch the problems while they’re small. Let us replace your fluids, flush the system, check the seals, change the filter — many people don’t even know their transmission fluid has a filter. Let your engine warm up by idling a couple of minutes before each day’s driving. The fluid gets a chance to circulate and lube the parts before they start their day’s work. Check your fluid levels regularly, at least once per week or daily if you really drive hard. It takes just one or two minutes and you’ll see if trouble is brewing.  

The Transmission, Drive-Train and Auto Repair Specialists

Mike’s Transmissions specializes in automatic transmissions of all makes and models. We diagnose with state-of-the-art equipment and repair with all the right tools. If you think you need a rebuild, we can do it and we’ll use the highest quality parts attainable. Contact us today, so your car or truck will be ready to go for your summer excursions.

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