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Manual Transmission and Maintenance

Guide to Manual Transmissions and Maintenance

  Perhaps unsurprisingly, manual transmissions require a little extra TLC than their automatic counterparts when it comes to regular maintenance. Prevent your clutch from slipping and causing unnecessary wear and tear on your manual transmission, follow your auto manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines. It is recommended that you bring your car in for preventative maintenance at regular intervals. Regular checkups can extend the life of your manual transmission and your car as a whole. Additionally, they can also save you from having to make costly, time-consuming repairs or part replacements that could have been avoided. Here are some maintenance guidelines for taking care of your manual transmission vehicle for years of reliable driveability and maximum enjoyment.   Bring it in every 30,000 miles. While manufacturer recommendations vary slightly, the average recommended service interval for manual transmission maintenance is every 30,000 miles.  Pay attention to your odometer and schedule a visit with a transmission specialist around the 30,000-mile marks. so you don’t miss an important checkup for your car.   Mention any problems or odd noises to your technician.  Listen for any unusual grinding sounds, clutch problems, or other aberrant auto behavior. At your service appointment., mention any irregularities you are experiencing with your vehicle.  The technician can pay special attention to the possible source of the sounds or behaviors you mention so that any issues can be quickly pinpointed and solved.


Lubrication is key. During your regular checkup for your manual transmission, the service technician will change the transmission fluid. This fluid lubricates the components of the transmission, facilitating range of motion and ensuring proper operability. The technician will also lubricate the shift linkage to promote smooth, efficient shifting. Save yourself a world of trouble down the road by scheduling a manual transmission checkup today! Mike’s Transmissions in San Jose, CA specializes in all types of transmissions in virtually every make and model of vehicle. You can count on Mike’s Transmissions to provide top quality maintenance services at an affordable price. For fast, effective manual transmissions service in San Jose, call Mike’s Transmission at 408-629-4205 today to schedule your maintenance appointment.

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