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How To Drive A Vehicle With A Manual Transmission

If you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, chances are you know that it can be quite a different experience from driving an automatic transmission vehicle. Manual transmissions give the driver total control over shifting gears, which can make driving much more fun and enjoyable experience. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and not all manual transmission drivers are created equal. To avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your clutch, and to make sure you and your car get the most out of your driving experience and keep your car running in top condition for years to come, here are some dos and don’ts for the care and maintenance of your manual transmission.   DO Use the E-Brake The emergency brake is an extremely useful feature in every car, but it is especially essential to make use of the E-brake in a car with a manual transmission. The emergency brake should be fully engaged every time you park your car, regardless of whether you are on a flat surface or an incline, to ensure that your vehicle won’t roll back when it is not in use.   DON’T Use your gear shift as a handrest It can be tempting to let your hand linger on the gear shift as you are driving, as this allows you easy access to it when you are anticipating the next shift change. However, keeping your hand on the gear shift as you are driving is a bad habit, as it can cause the selector fork to keep touching the rotating collar even when a gear change is not occurring, which can cause the selector fork to wear out prematurely.   DO Bring your car in for regular maintenance appointments Manual transmission vehicles should be inspected regularly by a certified technician in order to spot any red flags or signs of trouble with your transmission or clutch before it becomes a major issue. Additionally, it is absolutely vital to make sure you are receiving regular transmission fluid changes and flushes to keep your car running at its peak. Schedule your manual transmission repair or maintenance in San Jose at Mike’s Transmissions today!    DON’T Rest your foot on the clutch pedal Sure, you don’t want to roll downhill, but there are many other ways to make sure your car stays still than to simply keep your foot on the clutch pedal when you are in traffic. This wears it out before its time, making total clutch replacement almost a certainty in the future. Not only that, but it can cause a major reduction in fuel efficiency, making you have to fill up your tank much more than necessary.  

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