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Professional Manual Transmission Repair in San Jose, CA

If you are a devotee of manual transmission vehicles, you know nothing compares to the thrill of driving a stick shift. Technological advances and driving preferences mean that manual transmission is sadly dying off. If you are fortunate enough to own a vehicle with a manual transmission, it is crucial to find a service center that understands how to properly care for and maintain the health of your transmission and clutch.

San Jose Manual Transmission Services

Mike’s Transmissions is the place to go for all your manual transmission repair services in San Jose, CA and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in quality transmission repairs, competitive pricing, and customer service that no one can beat! Mike’s transmissions can perform routine service, repair, and replacement on virtually all types of transmissions. 

You can be sure your manual transmission vehicle is in good hands.

How do manual transmissions work?

Unlike automatic transmissions, the manual transmission is operated by the driver with a clutch. This action transmits engine power to your car’s gearbox. As the vehicle is in motion, the clutch allows the standard transmission to pause to shift gears smoothly. Since the entire clutch operation depends on the driver to change gears, some motorists prefer the hands-on control of driving a manual transmission vehicle over an automatic one.

However, if your clutch or any other component of your car’s manual transmission requires repair or replacement, this can adversely affect the operability of your entire vehicle. It is vital to pay attention to your manual transmission and give it the regular maintenance it needs. This maintenance will ensure that it continues running smoothly.

Is manual transmission better than automatic transmission?

Manual vehicles cost less than automatic ones and are more fuel efficient. The insurance prices on manual cars are lower than that of automatic vehicles because of the cost difference. The car’s driver controls the vehicle and thus has better control of it and is responsible for changing the gears. While it might be challenging to learn how to drive, they are less susceptible to theft. 

At Mike’s Transmissions in San Jose, CA, you will find your source for high-quality manual transmission replacement service and complete auto repair at an affordable price. How do you know if your manual transmission requires a service appointment? You can best follow your auto manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule in your car’s manual.

You can ensure that you’re paying attention to the special needs of your manual transmission by following the maintenance schedule outlined in the manual. If you suspect something may be wrong with your transmission, it is best to bring your car or truck to Mike’s Transmissions.

Signs You Need Manual Transmission Services

The manual transmission directly connects to the clutch system; if anything goes wrong, it will eventually affect the entire new transmission. Some common issues you might experience are the transmission not being aligned with the engine or the need to replace transmission fluids. 

When such problems occur, you will likely notice:

  • Change in engine speed without noticeable acceleration
  • Changes in clutch pedal height (in other words, how far the driver has to push down on the pedal to engage the clutch)

  • Change in the amount of engine power, especially when pulling a load.

  • A burning smell is coming from under the hood.

You must bring your car to us for seasonal checkups to avoid such issues. Our free courtesy checks and diagnostics will help prevent significant clutch and transmission problems. Identifying minor problems in their early stages will save you from having to have costly transmission repairs done to your vehicle. 

Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

If you want to stay clear of unexpected car transmission repairs, you must stick to a regular car maintenance schedule. Your owner’s manual is the best place to determine your maintenance schedule since the recommended maintenance varies from one vehicle manufacturer to the next. However, you can pop in at our auto repair shop and we will check your engine oil levels, air & oil filters, dashboard indicator lights, windshield washer fluid levels, lights, tires, and more.


A majority of manufacturers recommend that you change the manual transmission fluid after 30,000 to 60,000 miles. However, if your vehicle undergoes heavy-duty use, 15,000 miles is sufficient to change the transmission fluid. The purpose of the transmission fluid is to lubricate gears, shafts, bearings, and other internal components.

If you don’t change it at the recommended interval, you risk damaging your car’s transmission system. 

Checking the transmission fluid can be difficult if you don’t have the keen eye of a certified expert. At Mike’s Transmissions, we will help you check the fluid levels and determine the state it is in to let you know if you need a change. Since manual transmissions use various oils such as regular motor oil, gear oil, heavyweight hypoid gear oil, and sometimes automatic transmission fluids, it is best to leave the work to the experts.


Get Manual Transmission Services from Experts in San Jose, CA

If you experience any of these red flags, you may be dealing with a slipping clutch. You should bring your vehicle to our transmission shop right away. Detecting the issue before it worsens can avoid a total clutch replacement down the road. The certified pros at Mike’s Transmissions can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem and make the necessary transmission repairs at a fair price to have you back on the road as soon as possible.

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