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Transmission Maintenance Tips 

Your vehicle’s transmission is essential to its operation. It allows power to flow from the engine to the wheels. It is also very expensive to replace. Even minor transmission repairs could cost you a few hundred dollars. To avoid the necessity for repairing or replacing your transmission, proper transmission maintenance should be practiced to keep it functioning for as long as possible. Here are some tips for maintaining your transmission to help it last longer.

  1. Know Your Vehicle and Transmission

Reading your owner’s manual is the first step you should take. You should know the ins and outs of your vehicle, including how it should be maintained and serviced. This could impact how often you change fluids and whether flushes may be recommended.


2. Change Fluids at Regular Intervals

Your manual will tell you how often to change oil and transmission fluids. New vehicles may not need changes for a long time, but used cars with lots of miles on them may need them more frequently.


3. Practice Good Driving Habits

Manual transmissions can experience stress from your driving style. Try not to mash gears when shifting. Make sure to engage the clutch properly. Being too hard on your vehicle will wear down your transmission and necessitate repair or replacement.


4. Avoid Overheating and Stress

Heat can wear down a transmission as well, especially an automatic transmission. If your vehicle seems to struggle up hills when it’s in a higher gear, downshifting manually can relieve the stress. If it can’t hold a gear, you should have it serviced right away.


5. Perform Flushes If Necessary

As the transmission wears down over time, it may release particles into the transmission fluid. These particles contaminate the fluid and cause problems. It may become necessary to have a mechanic flush the fluid. Consult your owner’s manual about how often these flushes are recommended. No vehicle should have these flushes done too often. If you are noticing particles in the fluid frequently, you will need to have the transmission serviced, because this is a sign of an issue.


Mike’s Transmissions Can Help You Maintain, Repair, and Replace Your Transmission

The right transmission shop can help you keep your transmission running and in good condition. Mike’s Transmissions in San Jose, California, will inspect your vehicle for problems and perform repairs if necessary. We offer repairs and replacements for both manual and automatic transmissions. We can also perform transmission flushes. Contact Mike’s Transmissions today to discuss the health of your transmission and how we can help to improve it.

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