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Auto Repair Services: How to Save Money on Transmission Repair

The engine and transmission are undoubtedly the soul and heart of any automobile. A car has a lot of moving parts. With routine maintenance and service, your vehicle lasts longer and is cheaper to run – you could easily clock 180k miles with no major repairs.

complete auto care

Is regular maintenance cheap? Well, car maintenance is not cheap. Considering repairs to disc brakeswheel alignment, routine oil changecar battery replacement, and spark plugs replacement, costs can go quite high. However, maintenance of these items is cheaper than repairing damage from negligence.


One of the most important parts of a vehicle is the transmission. Power is transferred from the engine to the wheels through the transmission. The same transmission repair ranks next to the engine when it comes to cost.


Is your transmission giving you problems? Find out our top tips to save money on transmission repair today! Don’t break your bank with our transmission repair cost-cutting tips.

Get As Many Estimates As You Can

Shops provide their customers with different quotes and estimates for their services. It doesn’t mean the most expensive repair shop gives the best service. You can move between auto service garages and determine how much they charge for their services.

Try to find a balance between an affordable service and expertise – your life and safety depend on it. Gauge the shop’s experience using customer feedback or reviews – ask about the person that left a negative review. 


Even if you don’t take your car to these auto garages, you can use the estimates you get to negotiate with your preferred garage.


transmission car care

Where do you get automotive? Google and search engines are a great place to start. Also, visit the location to session the services they offer, you might find a regular customer.

Stick to One Mechanic

Car care involves a lot of trust in the mechanics working on your car. Most auto repair stores have a reward system for their loyal customer – take advantage of such a deal to reduce your car repair labor costs. Once you find a great mechanic, stick to them.


Get a professional mechanic with excellent reviews who’ll offer great service at a fair price with your best interest at heart. Check your mechanic’s details online to find if they have any negative reviews and try to see why or how they resolved it.


Additionally, expert technicians usually have certifications. One of the best is AAA approvals. They guarantee the safety and quality of auto service – you get free mediation if you are a member. Professional bodies such as ASE also ensure your mechanics offer standard auto repair service.

transmission car care include brakes and tires

Not sure if your auto-shop is AAA approved or ASE certified? Visit the nearest office location or check online.


Reviews are also a great pointer to high-quality services – especially for your car model. Search through Google and other search engines to find out if the garage is reliable.


Check out Mike’s Transmissions reviews to understand why customers get exceptional services at fair pricing – we offer complete auto care from your brakes to the check engine light! Book an appointment with our local shop in San Jos, CA, today!

Buy A Diagnostics Machine

Does your car have a check engine light? Get your vehicle checked easily with an OBD diagnostic scanner and find out if it’s your suspension acting up. Almost all modern vehicles come with an onboard system that controls and monitors the different aspects of your vehicle.


Some auto repair stores will charge you for doing diagnostics on your vehicle. Others might do repairs for parts that are still working well. Have the upper edge by scanning your car before going to your technician.


When you know what is wrong with your car, you can easily shop for repair estimates to find the best value for your money. Don’t have money for an OBD scanner? Go for cheaper models with Bluetooth and use your smartphone with apps like Torque Pro.

Do The Work Yourself

DIY is a great way to save money when repairing cars or trucks in the long term. Obliviously, you can’t fix everything in your vehicle. However, you can service small tasks like changing the battery, bulbs or topping up the fluid levels at home with minimal tools.


Other things you can check as a driver or owner include the tire pressure, air, and fuel filters, and oil levels, to mention a few. All these small repairs and checks don’t need specialized skills – find your car user manual, and you’ll be good.


Are you confident in your DIY skills? You can try rotating your car tires and changing the brake pads and rotors. You don’t need a lot of tools for that, only a floor jack.


Call us for dealership-level fix and service if you don’t want to go through the hassle of fixing everything yourself. Request for an estimate today!

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