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How to Avoid Costly Repairs With Clutch Maintenance

In the modern world, everybody drives. You take your car everywhere with you; it’s how you get around. Whether you’re off to work or going to the grocery store, you jump in your car without a second thought. That’s until you have problems shifting the gear or there are strange noises when you use the clutch. Of course, these signs aren’t good and indicate clutch repairs in San Jose might be necessary. You might be thinking; is there any way I can avoid clutch problems in the future? Absolutely; we’re going to share some maintenance tips with you.  

Is Your Clutch in Need of Repair or Maintenance? 

If you’ve got a manual transmission car then it’s got to have a clutch. It’s got an important job to play. The engine of your vehicle is always spinning but your wheels don’t. In order for your car to operate healthily, the wheels have to be disconnected from the engine. This is where your clutch comes in. Of course, since you’re using your car a lot, this also means you’ll be using the clutch a lot too. But with regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your clutch and avoid having to have it replaced.   First of all, try to avoid riding the clutch. This is when a driver rests their foot on the pedal without realizing. This puts unnecessary strain between the flywheel and clutch disc and will cause damage over time. You also want to aim for quick and decisive gear changes to avoid adding stress to the clutch plate. Don’t forget to use the parking brake when you’re stopped; having your car in gear isn’t good on the clutch either.   What are the signs you need clutch repairs in San Jose? Some common problems to look out for include having difficult shifting gear and a vibrating clutch pedal. You may also notice poor acceleration and a squeaking noise when you press the clutch. The best thing you can do is stop by Mike’s Transmissions. We offer all types of clutch repair, whether it’s slipped or become worn down. We go above and beyond to offer you unparalleled customer service and ensure you can enjoy a smooth-running ride no matter where you’re going. You can read our testimonials to learn more about our services. Contact us for the most efficient clutch repair service in San Jose  

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