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How Clutch Maintenance Can Save Your Vehicle

For many drivers of manual transmission vehicles, a broken clutch can spell potential disaster. Clutch repair can be quite costly and take valuable time out of your busy schedule. When it comes to preserving the health of your clutch, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Save yourself headaches down the road by investing in regular maintenance appointments today to extend the life of your clutch. Clutch Maintenance- What to Expect Like all other systems of your car, your manual transmission requires regular service appointments to keep it in shape. Check with your manufacturer’s recommendations to see what is recommended for your specific make and model. At regular intervals it is a good idea to bring your car to a reputable transmission specialist with plenty of experience with clutch maintenance and repair. Your technician will perform a service check on all components of your clutch and transmission, keeping an eye out for anything in need of repair or replacement. Having a thorough diagnostic check performed regularly can help increase the lifespan of your clutch, saving you from future headaches.

Keep Your Clutch Healthy

In addition to regular service checks, you can help extend the life of your clutch by adopting some healthy habits. For starters, avoid riding the clutch. Keep your foot away from the clutch pedal when you are not shifting gears to minimize excess wear. Other things you can do to keep your clutch from wearing out before its time is to slow down in advance when you are approaching a red light, and to keep the RPMs low (around 1,100) when you are pulling away from a stopped position. Reviving the engine may sound cool, but it won’t seem as awesome when you’re paying for a replacement clutch.

Find an Experienced Transmission Repair Center

A certified transmission specialist with plenty of experience with manual transmissions and clutches from all makes and models of vehicle is your best bet for clutch service and repair you can trust. By finding a reputable, trustworthy repair center, you can rest assured that your clutch is in the best hands. Mike’s Transmissions of San Jose, CA is your top choice for transmission service and repair you can trust. We are clutch repair experts who help make sure your clutch performs well for the lifetime of your car. Call Mike’s Transmissions today at 408-629-4205 to schedule your clutch maintenance appointment and ensure the overall health and performance of your transmission for years to come.

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