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driveshaft repair in san jose

Driveshaft Repair in San Jose

You’ve been driving your car for a while and you think you have a problem. Cars have many parts that can have problems. One of those parts is a driveshaft and that’s not something you want to mess with. If you experience driveshaft problems (or any other issues), you need to find someone that can do driveshaft repair in San Jose right away. Here are some potential signs that your driveshaft needs repairs.

Signs Your Driveshaft Needs Repair

1. Heavy vibrations that start under the car.

An early sign of driveshaft problems is an intense vibration that starts underneath the car. This happens when the bushings or the U-joint wear down. Driveshafts are perfectly crafted and installed to make sure that they don’t vibrate when there is a problem. If the problem is really bad it can lead to wear and tear on other parts of the vehicle and create other issues.

2. Weird noises

As the driveshaft starts to wear out it may stop rotating correctly. When that happens you might hear a clunk, rattle, or in some cases scraping noise. You should definitely have the car looked at if you hear one of these noises coming from under the car.

3. It’s hard to turn

Another symptom is if it’s harder than usual to make a turn. When the driveshaft wears out it can stop the wheels from turning correctly. This makes it harder for your vehicle to turn.

4. The car shudders when you accelerate

If your car starts to shudder when you accelerate from a stop or a low speed you probably have a driveshaft problem. This is caused by a problem with the center bearing or the U-joint.

5. A squeaking noise

Did you hear a squeaking noise that increases in volume when you accelerate? If you do then you have a driveshaft problem. The squeaking noise might disappear when you’re driving fast but it will most likely return when you decelerate or when you stop. Typically this is caused damage to the U-joint.

Driveshaft Repair in San Jose

If you notice any of the above problems you should bring your car in right away. If you’re looking for driveshaft repair in San Jose you should bring your vehicle to Mike’s Transmissions. Mike’s Transmissions has been in business for 30 years. Our mechanics have a huge amount of experience and know exactly how to fix a driveshaft. Mike’s Transmissions will get your driveshaft fixed quickly and at an affordable price. If you think you have a driveshaft problem contact Mike’s Transmissions today.

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