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Drive Shaft Repair in San Jose, CA

If your manual transmission vehicle seems to be experiencing issues with turning or a vibrating sensation while you drive, your drive shaft may be the culprit. Located between the differentials and gearbox of your car’s transmission, the drive shaft is a rotating object that helps switch your car from an idle position into drive. Without a properly-functioning drive shaft, your car wouldn’t be able to go forward. You might say the drive shaft is a very important component of your car’s transmission! While drive shaft problems don’t always necessarily mean a full replacement is in order- for example, your car’s drive shaft may simply be in need of balancing- it is still a good idea to get your vehicle to a transmission repair center at your earliest convenience. By preventing further complications with your drive shaft as soon as symptoms arise, you may be able to save yourself the cost and hassle of total drive shaft replacement. Mike’s Transmissions of San Jose is here with the symptoms you should be looking for when trying to determine if your drive shaft is worn out.
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Symptoms of Needing a Drive Shaft Repair in San Jose

Vibration One of the dead giveaways of any car trouble is a vibrating sensation in the underbody of your car. If the vibration is caused by a drive shaft issue, the floorboards of your vehicle will shake as you drive forward. As you accelerate, the damaged drive shaft will cause the vibration to intensify. The best way to tell whether the vibration is being caused by your drive shaft or by something else is to pay attention to when the car is shaking. If the vibration only seems to happen when you are speeding up, it could be an indicator of a faulty tire. However, if the car shakes even when you are in a stationary position, the drive shaft is likely the source of your issue. Strange Sounds If you are hearing odd squeaking sounds as your car increases its speed, yet sometimes completely disappears when you’re moving at high speeds on the freeway, you could be looking at a damaged drive shaft. A damaged U-joint, or universal joint, is potentially to blame for these weird low-pitched squeaks. The U-joint is the part that allows the drive shaft to rotate- if it doesn’t move enough, or is moving too much, you will experience issues like the noises described above. It’s a good idea to get your U-joint and the rest of your drive shaft checked out by a transmission specialist if you begin to hear these noises. Difficulty Turning Since your drive shaft is responsible for allowing your vehicle to drive forward, it may be no surprise that a damaged drive shaft can affect the quality of your turns. If you are noticing hesitation from your car’s wheels as you turn a corner, or if you feel a significant amount of push-back from your wheels when making a U-turn or a sharp turn, it’s worthwhile to get your drive shaft inspected by a certified transmission repair professional. At Mike’s Transmissions, it’s our goal to provide each customer with the top-quality customer service they deserve. We strive to effectively diagnose and repair your transmission issue as quickly as possible, so you can get back to life on the road. Call San Jose’s premier choice for drive shaft repair today at 408-629-4205 and speak with a Mike’s Transmissions representative about scheduling your drive shaft inspection appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

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