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Diesel Truck Repairs in San Jose

Common Diesel Truck Repairs

Diesel trucks are growing in popularity. They break down less often than other vehicles and tend to be more reliable. With increasing gasoline costs, they also offer potential savings. However, nothing is immune to the occasional issue.

About Diesel Truck Repairs

Diesel truck engines do not have electrical ignition components, such as wires or plugs. These electrical ignition components are better for these types of trucks. Regular maintenance can keep diesel trucks running well for a long time.

Types of Diesel Truck Repairs

Out of the problems a diesel truck may suffer from, the three listed below are the most common.

Type #1: Cleaning the Fuel Filter

Dirty fuel filters may be to blame if your truck has acceleration issues. This commonly reported issue may not appear to be pressing at first. However, continued use of your diesel truck with dirty fuel filters can lead to more significant matters. Fuel filters keep your truck adequately fueled. However, this is not the only thing that can lead to sudden issues with acceleration. A clogged catalytic converted or failing transmission may be to blame as well. Having a mechanic check out your engine and clean your fuel filter is an essential preventative step for the continued use of your diesel truck.

Type #2: Corrosion Removal

Black smoke pouring out of your exhaust may look cool. However, it is often a sign of overfilling your gas tank or corrosion. There are several electrical components within your diesel engine. These components have metallic electrical terminals. Extreme temperatures can accelerate corrosion. In addition to this, fuel nozzles and needles may also become corroded due to the high sulfur content of diesel fuel. Having corrosion removed can help ensure your diesel engine remains in working order.

Type #3: Oil Leak Repairs

Smoke coming from under the hood of your vehicle is never a good sign. Black smoke coming from the engine is often a sign of leaking oil. White smoke may mean the fuel isn’t burning completely. If you notice smoke, it is critical to get to a mechanic as soon as possible to prevent issues created by an oil leak.

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