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Costly Auto Repairs You Can Avoid

Are you a car owner? What challenges do you constantly encounter each time you go for auto repairs for your car? Whatever your answers are, auto repair has become one of the most expensive ideals for any car owner. You should enjoy your car without too many repair costs. Mikes Transmissions is here to help you avoid the stress that comes with auto repairs, in addition to ensuring you have the best and most pocket-friendly auto repairs.

Transmission Repair

Vehicle transmission repair can attract the craziest repair costs out there. The transmission repair cost usually rises where transmission replacement is necessary. Nevertheless, transmission repairs are vital as vehicles must move. A fault in transmission causes your vehicle to malfunction, meaning it cannot transmit power from the engine to the wheels. Regular maintenance is thus recommended to ensure efficient transmission. You should also check the transmission fluid monthly. It would be best to avoid aggressive driving and ride the brakes at all costs since it eventually damages vital components of the transmission system. 

complete auto repair

Regular brake services and oil changes are also mandatory. These practices reduce transmission repair costs.

How to Avoid Costly Car Repair Services

You can avoid expensive car repairs through proper car maintenance on all parts. Vehicles that are poorly maintained dump massive repair costs on the vehicle owners. You can do several checks and balances to keep repair costs low. Maintaining a good fluid level is one of the checks. Fluids should always be at optimal levels: the engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant. Without the fluids, the critical systems of vehicles easily break down. Brakes could seize up or stop working, steering may go out, or the engine or transmission completely malfunctions.

Secondly, maintain your car tires. You should well align the tires with adequate pressure. Avoid worn-out tires. These increase chances of accidents and wreckage to your car.

Third, regularly check your hoses and belts. Hoses keep fluids flowing to the important systems in your vehicle. The belts drive different engine parts. When any belt or hose wears down, cracks, or damages, it can be costly for car repair. For instance, a cracked fluid line can seize up, causing major damage due to the fluid leaking. The cracked fluid line should then immediately be replaced. Cracked transmission fluid lines can cost a fortune to replace.

Have up-to-date batteries and filters. Batteries die over time. Auto parts shops can help check your battery life for you. Our auto parts shop does that at no cost. Filters should also be in good shape—both engine and cabin filters. The engine and cabin filters keep air flowing into the engine to the cabin clean. If the filters become too dirty, dirt and debris can get into and damage the engine, leading to costly car repair.

Whether domestic vehicles or imported vehicles, any model follows the vehicle manufacturers’ maintenance guide. It applies to both two and four-wheel drive vehicles. Observe the maintenance guidelines on the manufacturer’s manual to enjoy optimal performance from your car. That will reduce your costs of transmission service and the trips you have to make to the transmission shop.

Transmission Repair Services

Mikes Transmissions Services handles several transmission problems. These include automatic transmission repair services, manual transmission repair services, and transmission fluid flush services.

Mikes Transmissions specializes in repairing automatic transmissions and has been serving San Jose, CA, for years. A car’s automatic transmission is critical to its overall functionality. Automatic transmissions are slightly different from manual transmissions. Automatic transmissions work without the aid of a clutch pedal, and switching gears is automatic. Therefore, You should regularly service the system to ensure it is in top-notch condition. Mikes Transmissions repair services are the best transmissions partner you can trust with your automatic transmission problems in San Jose, CA.

Switching gears is also manual as opposed to automatic transmissions. Driving cars with manual transmission occur by manually applying clutch pedal and gear shift to shift gears based on the vehicle’s speed. Each level of speed will need different gear. On the other hand, manual transmissions need the help of a clutch pedal. Manual transmissions are built with two to eight gears. The main components of the manual transmission are the drive on the front wheels and rear wheels. The advantage of manual transmission cars is that manual transmission requires less maintenance than an automatic transmission system. Whichever need you have with your automatic or manual transmission system, Mikes Transmissions of San Jose, CA is your home of quality transmission repair, with friendly dealership prices.

Signs You Need Automatic Transmission Repair

Certain red flags indicate you have automatic transmission issues. Jerking feels when shifting gears, the gear shipping out. At the same time you drive, unintended gear shifting, grinding or shimmying between gear changes, unusual whining or buzzing noises, leaking transmission fluid, and burning smells from the vehicle when driving are among the critical automatic transmission problems to observe.

San Jose's Best

Mikes Transmissions is the giant of transmission repair among the San Jose area transmission shops. Mikes transmission is a customer-centered transmission repair shop. We will do your transmission, driveshaft, and differential repair. Meeting the unique needs of our customers is our driver for business.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair the Transmission?

The average cost of a transmission repair in San Jose, CA, ranges between $300 and $1,400. For example, if your manual transmission needs clutch replacement, it will cost $800 to $1,500. Transmission replacement is generally more expensive than any transmission repair you can think of. Transmission replacement can range from $1,800 to $3,400.

Sometimes, the transfer case is the problem. The transfer case receives power from the transmission, sends it to the front and rear axles with gears, hydraulics, or chain drive. The driver controls this feature on some vehicles, especially off-road four-wheel-drive vehicles. The driver can switch the transfer case into either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive mode, similar to a manual transmission. On some cars, this is electronically operated. In others, the transfer case is not selectable. Unselectable transfer cases mostly work on four-wheel drives.

Is It Worth Fixing A Transmission?

Transmission issues should be fixed as soon as they are realized. Some transmission issues can cause road fatalities if ignored, and thus You should give the transmission issues immediate attention. The transmission system may require rebuilding or just transmission repair depending on the degree of damage on the transmission. A rebuilt transmission will, however, cost much more than transmission repair.

A transmission rebuild is removing the transmission, inspecting, cleaning, and replacing hard parts of the transmission, and then reassembling the transmission. The parts include seals, gasket, clutch, and band. A transmission rebuild is labor-intensive. A rebuilt transmission works as perfectly on your vehicle as a brand-new transmission if the job is done by a professional who knows his job well. However, our experts will advise which to apply between a rebuild or going for remanufactured transmission at the factory. That is why you should contact us the next time you spot the red flags mentioned above.

A transmission rebuild is an intensive process. First, we remove the transmission from the vehicle and dismantle it. Secondly, we conduct chemical cleaning of the transmission system. It is done by running it through a parts washer. Transmission parts are then replaced with electrical repair performed. The rebuilt transmission is then re-installed into the vehicle.

How Much Should A Transmission Rebuild Cost?

The transmission rebuild costs vary widely and are determined by the type of vehicle and the extent of damage on the transmission.

Mikes Transmissions is the one-stop transmission shop in San Jose, CA, and areas surrounding San Jose such as Santa Clara, Campbell, East Foothills, etc. Contact us today if you need transmission repairs or rebuilds within San Jose, surrounding areas, and other areas nearby. 

We have been the choice transmission shop in San Jose, with reliable automatic transmission services. Our quality and dedication to service have attracted many customers over the past two decades.

We treat each customer with the utmost respect. Focus on each customer’s unique need beyond the customer’s current need has won us the hearts of many customers. You can find us at 463-K Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95123, or contact us at 408.629.4205. You can also do a site search of our website

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