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Common Transmission Issues

When it comes to your car, there are few components more important than the transmission. Your vehicle’s transmission is the nerve center of your entire car, and even a small issue with it can cause serious problems with the functionality and driveability of your vehicle if it goes unchecked. Here are some common problems people experience with their transmissions, and what to do if one of them is happening to you.

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Popping Out of Gear

One of the classic symptoms of a potentially serious transmission problem is having the car suddenly slip out of gear while driving. If your car has begun popping out of gear when you are idling, get it to a transmission specialist as soon as possible. Because you no longer have total control over the vehicle, it is hazardous to drive it and you may want to have it towed to the shop to avoid an accident.

Burning Odor

What’s that smell? If you detect a burning odor coming from underneath the hood of your car, you should schedule an appointment with your transmission specialist sooner rather than later. A burning odor is never a good sign. This smell could indicate transmission fluid being burned by your engine, which can lead to serious problems and costly repairs if left unchecked.

Fluid Leaks

If you see reddish-brown fluid pooled underneath your car, bring it into a transmission repair center as soon as you can. This is transmission fluid, and can cause major problems for your vehicle if you aren’t quick to repair the leak. There should never be a leak with a healthy transmission; they’re sealed units. If you’re not sure if the pool of fluid is coming from your car, a good way to test it is by placing a piece of cardboard underneath.


If your car suddenly begins stalling out while stopped at a traffic light or when idling, this can be a sign of a significant transmission problem. Have your transmission specialist check for faulty lines or other causes as soon as you can bring it in.

Loud Noises in Neutral

Ever heard bumping and loud noises when you’re in neutral? This could be one of the signs of a bad transmission. Sometimes, it’s as simple as replacing the transmission fluid. But on other occasions, there could be a problem with your transmission. A specialist is the only one that’s going to know for sure.

Engine Warning Light

Have you suddenly noticed the ‘CHECK ENGINE’ light come on when you’re driving? If you’re experiencing any of the above problems, as well as this warning light being active, this could be signs of a bad transmission. It’s best to have a transmission specialist take a look at your vehicle. You never want there to be a problem with your engine and you should avoid driving your car until it’s fixed. Otherwise, you can’t guarantee the safety of your car.

A Humming or Whining Sound

If you’ve got an automatic transmission, you’ll know by the noise whether it’s healthy or having problems. Notably, any humming or whining sound when you’re driving isn’t good, especially if it’s happened all of a sudden. It just won’t sound right and this when you know it’s time to take your car to a transmission shop and see what the problem is.

Grinding Gears

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got an automatic or manual transmission, they’re designed to glide smoothly into the next gear. There shouldn’t be any stranding grinding or vibrations. So, if they start to grind, this isn’t a good thing and it’s best to seek out a specialist for diagnosis. Manual transmission owners will feel the grinding when they change gear. If you’ve got an automatic transmission, it seems rough when the car shifts gears.

Dragging Clutch

A dragging clutch can make it hard to change gears if you have a manual transmission. This is what it’s called when the clutch is still spinning and there is often a grinding noise when you attempt to shift gears.


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