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How a Transmission Flush can Save your Vehicle

Here’s a question for you: when’s the last time your car had a transmission flush? If you answered, “Never,” you may want to think about changing that.  You could soon find yourself on the business end of serious, costly and time-consuming transmission repairs and even replacement at some point in your vehicle’s lifetime. Transmission Flush Vs. […]

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Your Guide to 4×4 Transfer Cases

4×4 Transfer Cases If your four-wheel-drive vehicle has been diagnosed with a transfer case issue, you may be wondering what that is. Here we will explain what a transfer case is and what function it serves. Simply put, the transfer case transmits power from the transmission to the front and rear axles. This gives them the […]

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Manual Transmissions and Maintenance

Guide to Manual Transmissions and Maintenance   Perhaps unsurprisingly, manual transmissions require a little extra TLC than their automatic counterparts when it comes to regular maintenance. Prevent your clutch from slipping and causing unnecessary wear and tear on your manual transmission, follow your auto manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines. It is recommended that you bring your car in […]

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Transmission Warning Signs you Shouldn’t Ignore

It cannot be stated enough how important your car’s transmission is to its overall drivability. Without a properly-working transmission, your car will become inoperable. The transmission is the epicenter of the drivetrain, which makes the functionality of your vehicle possible. Regularly scheduled maintenance on your transmission can keep it in good condition. Any potential future problems […]

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Preventative Transmission Maintenance

When it comes to your car, few parts are more important than your transmission. Responsible for the driveability of your car, the transmission is the nerve center of your drivetrain. It is an essential component for proper automotive function. When transmission repair or replacement becomes necessary, it can be quite costly and time-consuming to fix. […]

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