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Common Diesel Truck Repairs

Diesel trucks are growing in popularity. They break down less often than other vehicles and tend to be more reliable. With increasing gasoline costs, they also offer potential savings. However, nothing is immune to the occasional issue.

About Diesel Truck Repairs

Diesel truck engines do not have electrical ignition components, such as wires or plugs. These electrical ignition components are better for these types of trucks. Regular maintenance can keep diesel trucks running well for a long time.

Types of Diesel Truck Repairs

Out of the problems a diesel truck may suffer from, the three listed below are the most common.

Type #1: Cl

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Signs You Need Driveshaft Repair in San Jose

You’ve been driving your car for a while and you think you have a problem. Cars have many parts that can have problems. One of those parts is a driveshaft and that’s not something you want to mess with. If you experience driveshaft problems, you need to find someone that can do driveshaft repair in San Jose right away. Here are some potential signs that your driveshaft needs repairs. 1. Heavy vibrations that start under the car. An early sign of driveshaft problems is an intense vibration that starts underneath the car. This happens when the bushings or the U-joint wear down. Driveshafts are perfectly crafted and installed to make sure that they don’t vibrate when there is a problem. If the problem is really bad it can lead to wear and tear on other parts of the vehicle and c
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Diesel Truck Repair in Waltham

Diesel trucks like any other truck breakdown sometimes. You have a lot of options for diesel truck repair in Waltham. Not only do you want to find a good, honest mechanic, but one that can get the job done quickly. Let’s be honest no one life losing money. If you use your diesel truck for work you’re losing money every minute it’s not on the road.

Diesel Truck Repair in Waltham

What allows one repair shop to repair trucks faster than another? Assuming the mechanics know what they’re doing it comes down to skill and experience. Experienced mechanic can spot issues faster. They’ve seen a lot and know the symptoms of most problems. They can diagnose your problem
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What to Expect with Diesel Truck Repair in San Jose

Diesel repair always comes with a few headaches. You’re not just repairing Dad’s sedan in the garage; you’re dealing with high-volume equipment that’s built tough, but fell short on a few components. That’s where we come in to solidify how a diesel engine should operate. Here’s what you need to know about diesel truck repair in San Jose

It Doesn’t Need to Cost a Fortune

You have all these big commercial companies trying to pull you into their shop, so they can charge ridiculous prices. The last thing you need is to spend more money than you were anticipating. When you go with a small operation like us, you’re paying for your repair, and nothing else. With knowledgeable and skilled, certified d
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Where to Get Driveshaft Repair in San Jose

San Jose boasts a slew of garages and various auto repair services, so how do you pick which one is right for you? There are a few factors that go into your decision making process.


Do you possess an older vehicle, or perhaps a make/model that isn’t common? Your driveshaft repair technician should be well-versed in all makes and models on the road. After taking a careful look and deciding who your driveshaft repair team is going to be, the last thing you want to find out is that they don’t know how to service your vehicle. At Mike’s Transmissions, we’re equipped to handle driveshaft repair for every type o
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Auto Transmission Repair in San Jose

If you're looking for auto transmission repair in San Jose, you've come to the right place. Mike's Transmission specializes in repairing transmission in the area.

Repairing a Transmission

Auto transmission repair is a necessity when you find that your vehicle is not running correctly. Your vehicle's automatic transmission has many small moving parts inside of it. What you should be aware of is the four main parts of it.

The Bell Housing

The bell housing is a metal case found under your vehicle. If your vehicle is front wheel drive, the bell housing is on the side of the engine. If it's rear wheel drive, it's behind the engine. The bell housing doesn't usually need to be repaired. The only times it does need to be replaced is if it's been damaged in an accident. So,
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When to Have a Drive Shaft Repair in San Jose

Of all of the important components that make up your car, not many are as important as your drive shaft. Part of your vehicle’s drive train, the drive shaft is a rotating mechanical tube that transfers torque from your car’s transmission to its differential. The drive shaft allows you to drive your vehicle smoothly by deflecting vibration and transferring a huge amount of torque to the differential of your car. The following will help you understand when you need a drive shaft repair in San Jose. 

How Do I Know if My Drive Shaft Needs to Be Repaired?

When it’s time to repair or replace your drive shaft, be on the lookout for these warning signs:

When You Need Drive Shaft Repair in San Jose

If your manual transmission vehicle seems to be experiencing issues with turning or a vibrating sensation while you drive, your drive shaft may be the culprit. Located between the differentials and gearbox of your car’s transmission, the drive shaft is a rotating object that helps switch your car from an idle position into drive. Without a properly-functioning drive shaft, your car wouldn’t be able to go forward. You might say the drive shaft is a very important component of your car’s transmission! While drive shaft problems don’t always necessarily mean a full replacement is in order- for example, your car’s drive shaft may simply be in need of balancing- it is still a good idea to get your vehicle to a t
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Choosing the Right San Jose Transmission Specialist

Looking for a reliable, trustworthy transmission specialist in San Jose, CA? You may be wondering what you should look for in a reputable transmission shop. After all, not all transmission repair centers are created equal, and you want to make sure your car is in the best hands. Here are some of the attributes of a good transmission repair shop that will get your repairs done quickly and accurately, without costing you a fortune.


It goes without saying that you want your transmission specialist to be 100 percent transparent with you when it comes to the repair of your vehicle. This means being completely upfront with yo
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Common Transmission Issues

When it comes to your car, there are few components more important than the transmission. Your vehicle’s transmission is the nerve center of your entire car, and even a small issue with it can cause serious problems with the functionality and driveability of your car if it goes unchecked. Here are some common problems people experience with their transmissions, and what to do if one of them is happening to you.

Common Transmission Issues

Popping Out of Gear

One of the classic symptoms of a potentially serious transmission problem is having the car suddenly slip out of gear while driving. If your car has begun popping out of gear when you are idling, get it to a transmission specialist as so
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