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Automatic Transmission Repair in San Jose, CA

Looking For Automatic Transmission Repair in San Jose?

Let Your Transmission Repairs Be Our Headache

At Mike’s Transmissions, we specialize in automatic transmission repair as well as other auto repair services. Your vehicle’s automatic transmission is vital to its overall functionality. While all the components of a vehicle are important, having a working transmission is one of the most crucial elements to having a properly working car. After all, the transmission is responsible for transferring energy from the engine to all the parts of your drivetrain, making driving possible. If you are having issues with your automatic transmission, we are here to help!

Let our team of certified transmission specialists accurately diagnose and repair your car’s transmission so you can get back on the road and back to your busy life!

The Two Different Types of Transmissions and Their Difference

There are two types of transmissions, namely, automatic transmission and manual transmission.


An automatic transmission differs from a manual in that, as its name implies, it functions automatically without the aid of a clutch pedal or input from the driver. Most people prefer automatic transmissions over manual ones because it simplifies the act of driving and allows the driver to concentrate fully on the road ahead without having to think about shifting gears.


However, like a manual transmission, your automatic transmission requires maintenance at regular intervals to keep it running in optimal condition. Mike’s Transmissions of San Jose is your source for quality automatic transmission repair at a fraction of the dealership price.

Why Visit Our Transmission Shop for Repairs? 5 Key Benefits

If you are looking for a reliable auto repair shop in San Jose, CA, that you can trust for excellent transmission repairs, Mike’s Transmissions is your best bet. Whenever you stop by, we guarantee top-tier transmission service to ensure you have no trouble driving your car. Drive in today for our transmission repair services and enjoy these benefits.

1. No More Transmission Fluid Leaks

Have you spotted a transmission fluid puddle below your car? If yes, you need to bring it to our San Jose transmission shop for fixing. Our top-notch transmission services will resolve the transmission fluid leakage, preventing harm the substance could cause to children and pets.

2. Better Wheel Control

At Mike’s Transmissions, we guarantee you a transmission repair job that ensures you instantly attain better control of your car’s wheels. Our experts will perform a transmission rebuild that restores power to your driving wheels, ensuring a smoother drive.

3. Optimal Lubrication Is Always

automatic transmission repair

Over time, transmission fluid loses its viscosity due to heat. When this happens, the fluid becomes ineffective at its job—lubricating the system. Luckily, with regular automatic transmission repair, you can stay on top of things and ensure that your fluid is always in a state that allows optimal functionality.

4. Longer Car Life 

Another benefit of our San Jose transmission service for domestic and foreign vehicles is that it ensures a longer life for your car. Besides fixing an existing transmission leak, our auto repair services help monitor and resolve underlying issues that could mean bigger transmission problems that undermine the longevity of your car.

5. Minimize Slip and Heat Production

One of the transmission services we offer our San Jose customers is a transmission fluid flush and replacement. When you get this service, the new transmission fluid keeps the heat produced by your vehicle in check.

Why Choose Mike's Transmissions to Fix Your Car's Transmission Problems? 

If you are looking for the best shop in San Jose to get a transmission replacement, Mike’s Transmissions is perfect for your needs. We easily edge out others for several reasons. These are:

  • Affordable Rates

With us, you can be sure of a reasonable repair cost. We have taken the time to research transmission repair prices all over San Jose and settled on one slightly below the average to ensure you do not strain your finances.

  • Free Towing 

If your car’s transmission issues make it hard for you to drive it to our San Jose, CA, shop, do not despair. We offer free towing to enable you to get your car to our experts for a repair.

  • Speedy Repairs

At Mike’s Transmissions, we understand that you need your car to get around. For this reason, we perform quick and effective repairs so you can get back to using your vehicle.

  • High-Quality Parts

We have cultivated a reputation all over San Jose, CA, for using high-quality spare parts when fixing your car’s transmission issues. If you are unsure what parts your car needs, come to us for a free assessment to know for sure.

  • Well-Trained Technicians and Great Customer Service

Our technicians have the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure they do a great job fixing your transmission issues. Our technicians have experience with domestic and foreign vehicles, so you can be sure of excellent repair service. The cherry on top is that all our transmission mechanics and customer service staff are courteous, responsive, and friendly to ensure the best experience for you.

Follow Our Simple Process to Get Your Car Repaired by a Pro

Our auto repair services are easily accessible for everyone in San Jose, CA. Here is our 4-step process:

  • Fill out our online form or call us to make an appointment.
  • Drive your car into our auto repair shop or request free towing services.

  • Get free vehicle troubleshooting to identify the transmission issue with your car.

  • Sit back as our experts perform the actual transmission repairs.

Signs You Need Automatic Transmission Repair

We are San Jose’s premier transmission repair center. We take pride in our repair work and are committed to helping our customers have the best possible experience. We go above and beyond to provide unparalleled customer service to every client who comes into our shop. At Mike’s Transmissions, we stand behind our work 100 percent!

Looking for an Automatic Transmissions Expert in San Jose, CA? Call Mike’s Transmissions Today!

Why take your car to a one-stop shop for quality transmission repair when you can come to a transmission specialist right in San Jose? Mike’s Transmissions is here for you when you are in need of an automatic transmission repair. Call us today to schedule your automatic transmission repair consultation with one of our friendly representatives.

We want to help you keep your car running smoothly for years to come!