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Auto Transmission Repair in San Jose, CA

If you’re looking for auto transmission repair in San Jose, you’ve come to the right place. Mike’s Transmission specializes in repairing transmission in the area.

Repairing a Transmission

Auto transmission repair is a necessity when you find that your vehicle is not running correctly. Your vehicle’s automatic transmission has many small moving parts inside of it. What you should be aware of is the four main parts of it.

The Bell Housing

The bell housing is a metal case found under your vehicle. If your vehicle is front wheel drive, the bell housing is on the side of the engine. If it’s rear wheel drive, it’s behind the engine. The bell housing doesn’t usually need to be repaired. The only times it does need to be replaced is if it’s been damaged in an accident. So, if you haven’t been in an accident lately, it’s probably not the problem.


Automatic transmissions may change the gears for you as you need them, but they need repair or replacement sometimes just like a manual. Anything that is used often needs to be looked at from time to time. We check gears every single time someone reports engine trouble. We want to make sure that the gears are in good shape.

Transmission Fluid

This is the most important part of your automatic transmission. If you don’t keep your transmission fluid at the right level, problems will happen quickly. Leaks are also looked for when vehicles are at Mike’s Transmission. If there is an damage, it is repaired immediately.


If transmission fluid becomes dirty because of a filter that doesn’t clean it, it could lead to serious problems. The transmission fluid filter needs to be changed regularly, and checked in between changes.

Affordable Transmission Repair in San Jose

We know that transmission repair can be a huge expense that no one really wants to pay for…. We also know that our mechanics have to work really hard to ensure we repair your transmission to make your vehicle more efficient. Because of these two reasons, we find a balance to make our transmission repairs affordable but be able to pay our mechanics a fair price for their hard work. At Mike’s Transmission we care about you and your vehicle. Contact us today if you need transmission repair in San Jose.

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