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Is Your Car Making an Unusual Noise or Shaking?

Experiencing unusual noise or vibration from your car or truck can be worrisome. The stresses driving has on your vehicle can cause components to wear over time, leading your car to vibrate. There are several reasons your car vibrates while driving, such as a broken axle, an unbalanced wheel or a bad clutch. Mike’s Transmissions has highly-trained and ASE certified technicians in San Jose who will properly diagnose and repair your axel, driveshaft or transmission problem to get you back on the road.

Because vibrations can occur while a car is in motion or at idle, an inspection of the vehicle is necessary to find the root of the problem before it becomes a bigger issue. Poor vehicle maintenance can let a minor automotive servicing of a loose or worn component turn into a hefty repair job. This could mean going without your ride for a longer period, and having to pay more to correct the problem.


How to Fix a Shaking or Noisy Car

A thorough vehicle inspection can let you know the condition of your wheels, suspension, and driveshaft. Balding tires, bent or misaligned wheels, and worn or sticking brake rotors can cause shaking, typically as you accelerate. Loose steering components, damage to the suspension or worn ball joints can produce unsteady vibrations and noise, especially when turning. Engine issues like a broken motor mount, worn belts, loose hoses or a damaged radiator fan might be the reason behind that noisy rattling condition.

However, one of the common reasons why your car is vibrating is a broken axle. If you’ve noticed a loud clicking noise, grease on the edges of your tires or feel excessive vibration while driving, you may have damage to an axle. This kind of damage can leave your car undrivable, and become very costly to fix. Mike’s Transmissions proudly provides quality front and rear axle repair in San Jose, California, and offers free troubleshooting advice to save you money.


Front and Rear Axle Repair in San Jose

At Mike’s Transmission, we specialize in servicing and repairing broken axles, bent and worn driveshafts, and those parts of the U-joint that need servicing. Waiting to take care of an issue is never a good idea, as damaged components can shorten the life of your car or truck, and put your safety at risk. If you’ve noticed unusual noises and shaking, you should have your vehicle inspected immediately. Mike’s Transmissions in San Jose, California, can effectively diagnose and handle your driveshaft repair, axle repair, and transmission services. Contact us at Mike’s Transmissions at 408-629-4205. We can help you with your automotive repair needs and get you and your car back on the road!


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