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6 Common Signs You Need An Auto Repair in San Jose, CA

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We need our cars to go to the places we want. Our vehicles take us from place to place and help us reach our customers, families, and friends that we want to visit. But there will be times when we will need to invest in repairing our vehicles.

Indeed, cars are essential commodities needed for our day-to-day activities. Going to work, taking the kids to school, going to the mall for groceries, and every other activity we do can get easier if you own a car. Essential commodities should be taken care of at all times for optimum performance.

As a car owner, you must always pay attention to your car. Most of the common problems that car owners experience start from small. They accumulated over time and became a substantial problem due to negligence.

Paying attention to changes in the behavior of your car can save you from spending a lot of cash to repair or replace some parts of your vehicle. If you notice your car acting strangely at some point, you should drive down to an auto repair shop to get it checked. This way, you might be preventing avoidable damages.

This blog will discuss the top 6 common signs that your car needs urgent repair.

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Fluid Leaks

Fluid leaks should be observed at all times. Once in a while, you can do a routine check on your car and look under in the garage before driving out. Moving the car from where it parked for some time will allow you to see if there’s a leak.

If you notice a fluid underneath your car, that can signify a leak. A black or green liquid drip from your vehicle could be the engine oil or the transmission fluid. It could mean a fault in your car’s radiator or engine.

Although it’s not every time, you notice water gathered underneath your car that it indicates there is a problem. Some leaks might be from the AC.

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If you are unsure of the cause of the leak, you can pay a visit to an automobile repair shop to get your car checked for a possible leak. 

Getting problems fixed as soon as possible is essential to save money over the long term.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke

We live in an era where we are conscious of our effect on the environment. We want to reduce emission releases into the atmosphere. Besides the fact that your car releasing excess exhaust smoke is bad for the environment, it also signifies that your car is not in good shape. 

When the weather is cold, white smoke from the exhaust should not cause alarm as it’s just vapor and will eventually stop. However, the excessive black thick fume from your car exhaust is a warning sign that your car needs a mechanic.

Check Engine Light

Check engine light is an announcement that you should make a quick stop at the auto repair shop. Check engine light can be an indication for a lot of things. It could be that the engine oil needs changing, or you need to replace a thermostat.

It could indicate that the oxygen sensor is faulty or several other problems that need fixing. It might be difficult for you to tell what the problem is, but the mechanic can tell. Most mechanics are well equipped to read the error code and tell what is wrong with your car. 


Car stalling can indicate that your fuel tank is empty or a bad alternator. It can also be a sign that you need to get your fuel pump checked, dead battery or your clutch is faulty.

It can be embarrassing when your car stalls while waiting for the traffic light to say go. If your car stalls because you forgot to put fuel in it, then you should go to the nearest gas station. However, if fuel is not the issue, you’ll need to visit a mechanic to avoid disappointment and embarrassment. 

A Knocking Sound Will Require Quality Auto Repair

Your engine can start knocking if you are short on engine oil. The engine oil helps to fabricate the moving parts of the engine. When the engine oil is not enough, moving different metallic parts becomes difficult, hence the knocking sound.

Shortage of engine oil or worn engine bearings requires a quick fix. Negligence can result in more issues. A knocking sound can also be heard due to worn engine bearings.

Our professionals at Mike’s Transmissions want you to have an incredible driving experience and will provide excellent services to get your car in the right condition.

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Unresponsive Brakes Needs Brake Repair

Brakes are a delicate component of a car. Sometimes, the brake pedals can feel weak, stiff, or unresponsive. Break issues have far-reaching consequences if left unattended on time. As soon as any of this is noticed, it would be best if you had an immediate stop at the mechanic shop. Brake problems are unmanageable.

If you noticed any of the 6 common signs discussed above, it is an indication that your car needs repair urgently. Our auto repair shop takes customer care seriously and offers quality work to our customers.

Reach out to Mike’s Transmissions to get an estimate from honest and knowledgeable professionals with over 27 years of experience on the job.

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If you are looking for highly recommended auto repair services, our service professionals can certainly help! Remember that our team at Mike’s Transmissions is here for you if you need auto repair in San Jose or need maintenance from individuals with professional expertise.

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