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5 Tips for Getting The Most Out of Your Transmission Repair

After your car’s engine, the second most significant and costly part is the transmission system. Remember, your vehicle’s transmission is the system that allows you to change gears at different speeds. Similarly, the transmission system enables your car to transfer power from the engine to the other parts, particularly the wheels.

The transmission is a critical part of the car, and it will require a substantial budget.

transmission repair

For instance, you may have to invest around $2000 and $4000 for replacements and repairs if you don’t take care of your transmission system as recommended. Such exorbitant costs explain why you must ensure that your transmission is maintained at its best health.

You want to make sure that you invest in the right transmission repair services teams from transmission repair to the transmission fluid. Reach out to Mikes Transmissions in San Jose, California, for compelling auto repair services. The better you can take care of your transmission in San Jose, the better off you will be over the long run.

We provide overall transmission care and repair. If you face various issues in San Jose, CA, feel free to reach out to us, our team will be there to provide automatic transmission repair and general auto repair.

In the meantime, here are our top 5 tips for maintaining your car’s transmission without paying for expensive repair sessions.

Check the Transmission Fluid Regularly

Your car’s transmission system has a specialized fluid that helps it stay lubricated. The transmission fluid will also ensure that your car’s gearbox operates efficiently. However, the transmission fluid will only give you optimal service for a certain mileage range.

Checking the status of your car’s transmission fluid should not be a difficult task. Remember to use your car owner’s manual, locate the transmission fluid receptacle under the hood, and then take further actions from there. You will then confirm that the transmission oil is in a good state if it is bright red. After that, it should be clear, with a certain type of smell. Remember that you need to replace the transmission fluid immediately if you find it murky, dark, and with a rotten smell.

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Replacing the fluid in time will help you avoid expensive transmission flush services and various repairs. However, it would be best to visit a transmission service expert like Mike’s Transmission who will diagnose whether your car will need other services like clutch repairs, diesel repairs, and axle repairs.

Schedule Regular Maintenance at An Auto Repair Shop

Whether you are dealing with the engine system, the transmission system, or any other part of your vehicle, it is always important to schedule regular maintenance. It allows you to be on the safe side and avoid expensive replacements, heavy transmission rebuild jobs, and repairs in the future. In addition, investing in a consistent maintenance schedule will help you understand the areas of the transmission system that need repairs as you ensure that the fluid is maintained at the right level. As a result, your vehicle will continue functioning as it should.

transmission repair services

Keep your Car Engine's Cooling System in the Right Shape

Many people will tell you that their automobiles’ radiators and engine cooling systems help their engines to keep cool. But remember that there is usually more to the picture. Experts at places like Mike’s Transmissions know that more aspects are keeping your car in the right condition.

Whether you want to avoid manual transmission repairs or automatic transmission repairs, you must appreciate that the transmission system of any automobile is delicate and must have optimal care.

Remember to mitigate instances of an overheated transmission system. As you regularly take care of your system, it will help enhance the vehicle’s longevity and its overall quality of life. Our experts would suggest using high-quality and sufficient amounts of coolant. Similarly, you must keep the cooling system in perfect shape to avoid expensive repairs and preserve your engine and transmission.

Take Great Care When Changing Gears

Did you know that your vehicle’s transmission system is so delicate that it can be damaged when you change gears improperly? Well, now you know. Actions like accidentally shifting into reverse gear when driving may cause immense damage to the transmission system.

Though gradual, such careless acts can cause massive wear and tear on your transmission system. It can progress into serious mechanical challenges if they are not checked in time.

Embrace good automatic transmission practices like refraining from engaging the reverse gear when your car is still in motion and shifting to parking mode when the vehicle is still in motion.

Never Miss An Annual Car Transmission Check Or An Inspection

Do you remember the old saying, “prevention is better than cure?”

Well, it is certainly relevant when dealing with your car’s transmission system. Remember to make sure to have your vehicle go through a yearly comprehensive inspection. In particular, the checks and reviews should be done by trustworthy transmission repair experts who understand the value of the automatic transmission.

Remember to engage an expert with the necessary accreditation and professional experience to inspect your transmission system.

Take advantage of the annual inspection sessions to diagnose all challenges. Remember, solving your transmission system challenges early will cushion you from the burden of high repair costs. This will be better than waiting for the problem to progress into a whole-blown crisis.

Work With A Transmission Repair Expert

Are you dealing with manual transmission or automatic transmission system issues? Do you want your car’s transmission system to be checked?

Transmission shop

We have a team of experienced professionals that are ready to inspect and repair your transmission system. Call us today for automatic transmission repair, transmission rebuild, and general transmission repair.

Our team would be pleased to provide automatic transmission assistance, transmission repair, and general transmission replacement on domestic and foreign vehicles in the local area.

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