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5 Times You Need to Visit An Auto Repair Shop

Every machine needs routine maintenance to operate normally. Cars are no exception as they also need routine car service and factory maintenance like a change of transmission fluid, checking tire pressures, oil change amongst others to operate normally.

Your vehicle will have common warning signs pop up in your dashboard if it needs maintenance or repairing. Some of the technical issues can not be picked up by the standard diagnostic methods hence the need to visit an auto repair shop.

warning signs

Convenience is critical to any person whose car or truck needs service; thus, the service time for a complete auto repair and location (near home or office) matters.

Mike Transmissions, an auto repair shop in San Jose, CA, offers transmission and general automotive repairs swiftly because we understand that you need to use your car daily. Convenience, experience (since 1988), and trust (family-run) are what will define your experience if you engage us for your car service.

So let’s discuss when you will need to visit an auto shop repair in San Jose, CA, or the surrounding areas.

auto repair shop

1. Check your tires for wear and tear

Any worn-out or uneven tread wear messes with your vehicle handling and braking hence the overall car safety. But how will you know your tires are worn out? Cuts on tires’ sidewalls, blisters, and excessive vibration can be a sign of worn-out tires.

In addition, you can use the penny tread test indicator using the Lincoln penny head. Insert the coin with Lincoln’s head facing the tire; if you see the head, the tread is too worn out and needs to see a mechanic.

Defective suspension system parts could also cause wear and tear to your tires. A comprehensive and complete auto repair might help restore the suspension system to reduce wear and tear on your tires.

2. Replace worn-out wiper blades

Are your wiper blades making chattering sounds and streaks on your vehicle’s windshield? Season changes and overall wear and tear could affect the rubbers on your wiper blades, that’s why you need to replace them as soon as you notice they’re worn out.

3. Inspect the exhaust system for leaks or rust

Excessive engine noise, gas smell, and sudden increase in fuel consumption may indicate vehicle exhaust problems. This can also lead to gas smell all over the car. Auto repair services can help you solve your vehicle exhaust system issues, improve your engine performance and fuel economy.

4. Get a tune-up to keep your engine running smoothly

Another way of improving your vehicle’s fuel economy and performance is through engine tune-up. Adding new fuel filters, spark plugs, and others to enhance your car performance ensures your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently. Poor performance on-road and fuel efficiency should be a sign for you to seek an appointment with your mechanic engine tune-up.

5. Have an alignment done if you hear any unusual noises from the car while driving

If you think having a nagging partner is a turn-off, then you should experience a car with unusual noises when driving. We don’t know where to repair nagging partners, but we can show you how to address those unusual noises messing with your driving experience.

It is wise if you visit your mechanic to resolve your alignment issues by readjusting your wheel angles to your vehicle’s manufacturer’s settings.

Other Reasons To Visit An Auto Repair Shop

Change air filters to keep air flowing through the car properly

A faulty air filter has almost similar symptoms with exhaust system leaks. You might need to check up your air filters if you’re registering reduced gas mileage, engine misfires, strong fuel smell, dashboard’s check engine light is on, or a reduction in horsepower.

A smooth oxygen uptake can is evident with smooth car purr. Anything cranky with hiccups when your car is on the move or idle might be a sign of a dirty air filter that is normally confirmed with black smoke.

Black smoke and cranky purr are signs of fuel leakages due to poor air filters that might need replacement.

When you need to get your car inspected

It might save you some bucks if you are a vehicle owner in Alaska, Iowa, Arkansas, Minnesota, Montana, South Dakota, or South Carolina. All these states do not require motor vehicle inspections.

Unfortunately, if you belong to the rest of the states not listed above, you’ll have to spend some bucks on professional technicians to help you with your vehicle inspection process. 

Any auto repair shop in San Jose can help you do this affordably if you are in Santa Clara, Los Gatos, and the surrounding areas. 

If your check engine light comes on

From catalytic converter, gas cap, air, and oxygen sensor, to spark plugs, several issues can cause check engine light on. It can lead to further damage to your vehicle if not fixed early enough, hence the need to contact professional repairs to give you quality car service as a solution.

engine light

Don’t damage your car further with a check engine light before you schedule an appointment with us if you are in Los Gatos and the larger San Jose, CA area. We are the best auto repair shop in San Jose and can fix your check engine warning.

To change the oil and filter  

Is it important that you change both your oil and the oil filter? YES!!! Why would you carry unpurified water in a clean water bottle? You still get sick anyway. The same applies to oil and filter; changing only the oil and not the filter means impurities in the oil will affect the engine or even stall it.

So what will it be; changing oil and filter or the engine? You can spot signs of changing oil and filter when there is premature engine wear and tear, reduced oil pressure, or lack of engine lubrication.

Why contact Mikes Transmission

Your vehicle’s optimum and smooth performance depends on the car service it gets regularly. Whether oil changes, oil filter change, brakes changes or brake repair, suspension and transmission repairs, Mikes Transmission have you covered.

Mikes Transmission is a superb auto repair shop in San Jose, CA and its surrounding areas, and we are known for the great job we do because of our experience, expertise, and trust. Mikes Transmission is a family-run auto repair shop in San Jose and has been in car service for many years since 1988. Since then, we have been helpful to our customers.

Let’s run a diagnostic on your vehicle and have it fixed swiftly through our professional technicians. Schedule an appointment to improve your car’s performance and efficiency.

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