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5 Mistakes You’re Making That Can Ruin Your Transmission

Like most people in San Jose, you use your car every day to get around. Whether you’re traveling to work or running to the grocery store, you’ll jump in your vehicle to get there quickly without a second thought. That’s until you hear whining noise coming from your car.

Nobody wants their vehicle to break down. It’s always at the wrong time and when you can’t afford for it to happen. But the worst thing is, your transmission may have been damaged by your actions without realizing.

How’d you know you need automatic transmission repair in San Jose? Some of the common signs include a humming or clunking noise when you’re driving, a burning smell and leaking fluid.  

Of course, nobody wants to damage their own car if they can avoid it. Here are five mistakes you could be making that are ruining your transmission.


Get Transmission Repair in San Jose Today!

1. Ignoring a Service

Your car needs to be serviced often so you can enjoy the best performance. It’s like a doctor’s check-up; you make sure your body is healthy to avoid any future problems. Well, it’s the same for your transmission. It’s going to need tuned every year or every 30,000 miles so contaminants and dirt don’t build up and affect your vehicle. You can catch problems early by booking a service at your local transmission shop in San Jose.

Getting Your Transmission Serviced on Time

Everybody wants to keep their vehicle in good working order. This means you’ve got to look after your transmission. It all starts with arranging a service with a transmission shop in San Jose; we can help you at Mike’s Transmissions. Call us today and we’ll see you at a time that suits your schedule.


2. Changing Transmission Fluid

All transmission fluids are the same, right? Wrong! This is how issues begin and lead to lubrication and cooling problems over time. People that switch their transmission fluid and don’t choose the necessary one for their vehicle are damaging their transmission without realizing it. Products have different levels of viscosity and additives that might not be right for your car. It’s essential that you choose the right one by doing your research. 

Using the Right Type of Fluids 

To avoid transmission repair in San Jose, know how to choose the right type of fluid. The type of transmission fluid is going to depend on the type of car you own. You can find out the right one by checking out your owner’s manual. Dexron and Mercon are common for automatic transmissions, while Type F is for 1970s vehicles. If you’re still not sure, you can call the manufacturer or ask your local transmission shop in San Jose.


3. Letting Transmission Issues Linger 

We’re all guilty of ignoring problems with our car. If it’s just a little problem, we tend to let it get bigger before we do anything about it But this could really damage your transmission and it’s time to shake this bad habit once and for all. If you notice a fluid stain underneath your vehicle or a strange noise during a gear change, it’s time to visit our transmission shop in San Jose. Putting it off for a long period of time could really damage your transmission.

At Mike’s Transmissions, we offer automatic transmission repair and manual transmission repair. Otherwise, you risk creating more damage and further costly repairs. The good news is that we offer free troubleshooting advice to help you save money.


4. Letting Your Transmission Overheat

The majority of transmission failures we see at our transmission shop in San Jose are down to simply overheating. We mean that the transmission fluid temperature has drastically changed and this is killing your vehicle. 

Overheating can happen for a number of reasons. In particular, living in a hot climate can do it, as well as overheating due to a transmission slip. When there is a 20-degree temperature increase in your transmission fluid, it’ll shorten the lifespan of your transmission by up to 50 percent. The key is not to let your transmission overheat in the first place. You can do this by keeping up-to-date with transmission fluid and even considering an external cooling system for your vehicle.


5. Using the Wrong Vehicle for Towing

 If you’ve got a vehicle that is designed for towing heavy loads then this one won’t apply to you. But if you have an ordinary car and you are hauling a lot of weight, this can damage your transmission. It puts a strain on your car and this can lead to overheating and costly repairs. The best thing you can do is the only tow when an appropriate vehicle. Otherwise, you’re going to take it out on your transmission over time.


Having transmission problems? Don’t delay it any longer; call Mike’s Transmissions today.


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